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Superstar Teacher Uses the Latest in AI to Bring Online Learning to the Next Level in the Age of EdTech

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 29 November 2021 – Established online learning platform Superstar Teacher is partnering with AI-centred EdTech startup Cerebry to launch a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Learning Mode to complement their existing library of online lessons. Students can now benefit from tailored questions catered to enhancing their strengths and improving on their shortcomings thanks to the help of AI technology.


Superstar Teacher’s online course library is built around topical concepts found in MOE syllabuses and commonly tested exam questions. Questions generated through this new Learning Mode will complement existing lessons while ensuring that students have access to a variety of challenging exercises.


Individualised Learning Powered by Artificial Intelligence


The questions (and solutions) generated by Superstar Teacher’s AI Learning Mode are automatically generated on the fly, building upon the child’s performance in previous lessons. This means that no two students will receive the same question from the AI system. Additionally, the endless possibility of different questions keeps a student engaged and away from boredom. The system will likewise generate intuitive hints and step-by-step solutions corresponding to the question posed to ensure that the student fully understands the process of getting to the correct answer.


Catering to the uniqueness of each child’s learning needs, the AI system has the functionality to create personalised study schedules using diagnostic testing and data-driven insights, focusing on concepts the student appears to be weaker at to remedy all knowledge gaps and attain subject mastery.


Efficient and Engaging Revision Plans


If the AI system deems that the child does not fully understand a particular concept, they will be brought back to the specific part of the lesson covering this topic in the online course library. From there, the child will be equipped to review their knowledge in particular areas they may have trouble comprehending.


Unlike a classroom setting where it would be impossible for a teacher to create a personalised and highly precise study plan for every student, the AI Learning Mode’s real-time feedback enables individual students to work on their knowledge gaps and efficiently target areas of uncertainty with relevant practices. This also ensures that time will be spent effectively. After revision, they will be prompted to return to the AI Learning mode and complete questions to test their understanding. Students will only be able to progress to higher-level topics once they have displayed mastery in foundational topics.

AI-Human Synergy in Optimising Learning


With the advancement of AI technologies, there are growing concerns and fears that artificial intelligence will eventually replace human educators. However, Superstar Teacher recognises the importance of the interactive element in human teaching and aims to provide a holistic learning environment driven by both AI learning and human experts. This synergy between self-directed AI-enhanced learning and on-demand feedback from qualified mentors will optimise the learning experience for students.


Interested parents can sign their child up for a free trial to experience these features.


About Superstar Teacher

Conceptualised in 2011, Superstar Teacher is committed to creating an excellent learning experience for students through quality strategy-based teaching aligned with Singapore’s MOE syllabuses. Its online learning platform is equipped with innovative features and aims at keeping students engaged in the pursuit for academic excellence. For more information, visit www.superstarteacher.com.sg.


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