CLDY Implements Managed Services: Cloud Hosting Catered To SMEs


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 6 December 2021 – CLDY is pleased to announce it has launched a variety of technologies for a better experience in cloud hosting. One of their latest email hosting solutions, the SureSend 1.0, helps analyse the best route for email delivery in the backend without any user intervention. The proprietary technology suite allows for emails to be delivered on time with a considerably better delivery rate than standard shared hosting accounts, without any worry of being unknowingly blacklisted from the client’s inbox.

Another solution, SpamShield, is being continuously developed over the years through CLDY’s experience in dealing with customers’ spam issues. It does not use old-fashioned technologies or manual methods. It also gives a 99% success rate in accurately clearing the spam to help save time and money for businesses.

Amid the rapid advancement of computer technology, CLDY aims to explore other hosting areas to provide the same high-quality cloud hosting services to ensure that businesses can quickly get on the cloud.

For instance, UltraScale v1.0 helps by computing resources consumed by a business and detecting if the resources need to be increased or refused. As part of VPS hosting, SecureMax v1.0 is an automated solution that ensures that no unauthorised user can access their confidential data.

Because hosting setups are technically complex, it also requires businesses to have access to technical skills to manage cloud hosting well so that it is convenient and high-performing. Moreover, the bill can also be a chore to monitor constantly.


By providing Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Content Delivery Networks (CDN), multiple-country Point of Presence (POP), and redundant and failover servers, CLDY takes care of this complicated aspect for the clients. While CLDY admits that it’s not going to be an easy journey, they will continue to provide the simplicity, security, speed, stability, and support needed to provide their clients with the best experience possible.


CLDY is a new-age, employee-led cloud hosting provider that provides various services through the industry’s best systems from around the world. It has a global reach, aimed to help businesses navigate and get onto the cloud server without the need for any prior technological knowledge. 


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