First Freight Trains Arrive at Destinations in Both Countries along Laos-China Railway

First freight train along the Laos-China Railway
First freight trains along the Laos-China Railway arrived at their destinations on Saturday.

The first two international freight trains along the Laos-China railway have arrived at their destination in both Laos and China.

A freight train that departed Vientiane Capital on Friday arrived at Bohan Station in Kunming, China on Saturday afternoon, according to CRI.

At the same time, a freight train launched in China arrived at Vientiane South Station from Kunming on Saturday night.

The arrival of the first two freight trains at their destinations marks an important milestone in the success of cross-border transport along the Laos-China railway.

Delivering freight along the full length of the railway takes approximately 30 hours, whereas moving freight by road can take over 48 hours.

The two international freight trains will travel daily between Vientiane South Station and Kunming Station during the first phase of the Laos-China Railway operation under full compliance with Covid-19 prevention and control measures.

The official launch of the Laos-China Railway was held on Friday, with Lao President Thongloun Sisoulith and Xi Jinping simultaneously launching trains from their locations.

Low-cost and high-speed cross-border transport has created new opportunities for the development of multi-sector industries along the Laos-China Railway.