Man Charged for Theft of Fencing Along Laos-China Railway

Fencing along the Laos-China Railway
Fencing along the Laos-China Railway.

A man in Vientiane Capital has been formally charged by police for the theft of fencing along the Laos-China Railway.

Police in Vientiane Capital reported that the 40-year-old unemployed man, identified as Mr. Phayboun of Hatsaifong District, was arrested on 27 November on charges of theft of state property.

Mr. Phayboun confessed to stealing some 39 sections of steel fencing along the railway line used as barricades to prevent keep animals from entering the railway area.

He said he had sold the steel fencing to Ms. Nguyen, a Vietnamese national and scrap metal trader, at LAK 400,000 per item.

Fencing found at a scrapyard in Vientiane Capital.
Stolen fencing was found at a scrapyard in Vientiane Capital.

Both Mr. Phayboun and Ms. Nguyen are being detained by police and are to be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Authorities have called on residents in the capital to keep an eye out for would-be thieves along the railway line and urge witnesses to immediately report any crimes to the police.

Story by Khonephachanh Syboun.

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