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The 2021 Jilin Cultural Tourism Week comes to a successful end

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CHANGCHUN, CHINA – Media OutReach – 7 December 2021 – Like mountains slowly being wrapped in mist, the 2021 Jilin Cultural Tourism Week, which was sponsored by the Publicity Department of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, came to a successful end on December 3. Dozens of international friends from more than ten countries happily ended their wonderful trip to experience the diverse culture and fine powder snow of Jilin in northeast China.


Musical performance during the opening ceremony of the 2021 Jilin Cultural Tourism Week, held in the Changying concert hall.


The 2021 Jilin Culture and Tourism Week was officially kicked off on November 29 at the Changying Concert Hall. During the last five days, international friends have learned about the economic characteristics of China’s Jilin Province, which has the automobile industry as its pillar, through visits to local companies such as the FAW Hongqi Exhibition Hall and Tontine Wines. They also learned about the historical and cultural characteristics of Jilin Province by visiting the Jilin Provincial Museum, the Changying Old Site Museum, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, an ethnic Korean-style restaurant and, the Jinjiang Cabin Village. At the Changbai Mountains Ski Resort and the volcanic hot springs, they experienced the rich natural landscape of Jilin, and by participating in various activities, the international friends learned to knit ropes, make figurines, and make foodstuffs such as noodles, jianbing pancakes, bibimbap, glutinous rice cakes, kimchi, and so on. The international friends also watched a symphony concert. Finally, they experienced the powder snow of the Changbai Mountains and soaked in hot springs in the snow for a truly magical “powder snow encounter”. After participating in this event, the international friends truly fell in love with Jilin and shared the beauty of Jilin with even more friends.


International friends visit the First Auto Hongqi exhibition hall.

Although Ms. Kim Mi-Young from South Korea has lived in Changchun, Jilin Province for more than 7 years and visited many places, this is the first time she has visited the Changbai Mountains. She said excitedly, “The feeling of soaking in the hot spring in the snow is so amazing. I have to bring my friends here the next time.” Anna from Russia said in an interview at the ski resort that, “I’ve been skiing in Sochi before. The snow here in Jilin is amazing, the environment and service are both great.” Hansen from Bangladesh, who has previously been working in the south of China, also thought that Jilin is a sight to see: “We usually travel by ourselves and there are some places we won’t be able to go. So, it’s a rare opportunity for us to get to visit the FAW Hongqi Exhibition Hall and the Tontine winery! When I go back, I’ll write some travel notes and post them to my social platform with photos from these activities for my friends to see.”


International friends at a Tontine wine tasting.

Jilin Cultural Tourism Week is a key brand project to promote international cultural exchange in Jilin province. It has been successfully held in 12 countries. This year’s event integrated elements of the Winter Olympics and winter activities and combines “going out” with “inviting in”. It included field trips, interactive experiences, exchanges and sharing, exhibitions, and other online and offline activities. By comprehensively showing Jilin’s majestic natural scenery, rich history and culture, colorful customs, and its ever-changing urban and rural landscape, the event aims to make more people want to learn about Jilin, understand Jilin, love Jilin, and promote Jilin.


“The Winter Olympics may be in Beijing, but the winter experience is in Jilin.” Beautiful Jilin opens its arms to the world!


International friends take a group photo at the Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort.


Journalists: Tong Yanling, Yang Huiyan  Photographers: Zhang Qiulei, Luo Hao

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