Temperatures to Drop Further Across Laos This Week

Laos to Experience Early Cold Snap, Rain

Temperatures are to drop even further across Laos this week, with forecasts suggesting cooler weather ahead.

According to a notice issued by the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, temperatures are expected to drop by three degrees over the next few days, particularly in Laos’ northern provinces and the Bolaven Plateau.

The weather bureau reports temperatures will see lows of 4 degrees and highs of 32 degrees from today to 12 December.

Weather will be cooler in the northeastern provinces, with temperatures ranging from 6 to 21 degrees Celsius, while the northwestern provinces will see temperatures ranging from 12 to 31 degrees.

Weather will be warmer in central and southern provinces, with temperatures ranging from 16 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, Xaysomboune Province will see cooler weather, between 4 to 25 degrees, while the Bolaven Plateau will experience temperatures between 8 to 23 degrees.

Vientiane Capital will see lows of 16 and highs of up to 31 degrees this week.

Temperatures will be higher during the day for central and southern areas, including Vientiane Capital and the northern provinces of Laos.

Temperature changes in the northern provinces and highlands, as well as Xaysomboun and the Bolaven Plateau, have been extreme, making it difficult for children and the elderly to cope.