UK-based Darwinex Increases its Seed Allocation Programme to €120 Million


LONDON, UK – Comunicae – 13 December 2021 – Darwinex seeds and supports strategies seeking 3rd party capital. Investors access liquid strategies based on major Futures, US Equities and global ETFs on a one-stop-shop, regulated marketplace

FCA (UK) regulated FinTech Darwinex, has increased its competitive seed allocation programme. The programme – named DarwinIA Challenge – seeds the most investable providers on its marketplace for a notional of €120M. The allocation is up 35% from previously €90M.

The new format motivates strategy providers with innovative features, such as achievement awards and badges. DarwinIA’s user-friendly and intuitive design better highlights changes to the leaderboard.

Challengers visually monitor their progress on the graphical user interface. Metrics and analytical tools point to areas of improvement. All draw inspiration from leading strategies by drilling down into their performance metrics.

“We now seed 150 strategy providers a month for a total of €120M per year. In addition to the seed backing, we give providers further exposure to our investors.” Darwinex co-founder and CEO, Juan Colón, said.

Check out this video for an overview of all new features in the DarwinIA Seed Allocation Programme.

About Darwinex (Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited):

Darwinex is an FCA (UK) regulated FinTech (FRN 586466) operating Brokerage and Asset Management arms. Darwinex sources multi-asset strategies, from trading customers and via its integration with Interactive Brokers. Using a proprietary risk management overlay, the asset management arm directly indexes strategies – named DARWINs – on behalf of eligible investors. This way, the marketplace curates strategies, investors pay for success and providers monetize their intellectual property.

This 2 sided, one-stop-shop marketplace is arguably the fastest and most efficient path to match strategy providers with investors – transparently and without administrative overheads.

Founded in 2012, Darwinex employs over 60 IT and financial engineers across its London and Madrid teams. Darwinex develops technology in-house, remains founder-led, and has recently received €3M funding. The company grew revenue organically by 72% in 2020, posting an operational profit.


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