Police in Laos Raid Pornography Shoot at Vientiane Apartment

Group charged with misconduct in Vientiane apartment.

Authorities in Laos have arrested a group of Chinese nationals and Lao citizens on charges of sexual misconduct and publishing pornography.

According to a report by Vientiane Public Security, a group of 16 individuals was detained in Vientiane Capital on Friday facing charges relating to sexual misconduct.

Head of Sikhottabong District Public Security Office, Lieutenant Colonel Khampien Oudomvilay, says police were called to the scene after a member of the public complained of pornographic material being circulated via social media.

Police traced the activity to an apartment complex in Pakthang Village in Vientiane’s Sikhottabong District, where 16 people were found filming pornographic material in an apartment unit.

“There were two naked couples in the room, while a Chinese national filmed and shared the pornographic videos live via a social media feed,” said Lieutenant colonel Khampien Oudomvilay.

“Our officers found a total of 16 individuals in the apartment unit, including two Chinese nationals and eight Lao women,” said Lieutenant colonel Khampien Oudomvilay.

Authorities have sent the group to a quarantine center for 14 days before legal proceedings commence.

Lao law regulating the use of the internet prohibits pornography, as well as the use of inappropriate photos and videos, or those that contradict the traditions and customs of Laos.