Police Warn of Increased Surveillance on Expressway During New Year Holiday

Accident on vang vieng expressway

Police have warned that speed tests and breathalyzers will be used on the Vientiane to Vang Vieng Expressway during the holiday period.

According to a notice issued on Wednesday by the Traffic Police Department, under the Ministry of Public Security, authorities will beef up speed tests and breathalyzer tests to limit the number of accidents during the new year holiday.

The notice states that the maximum speed permitted on the Vang Vieng Expressway is  120 km/hr, with a minimum speed of not less than 80 km/hr.

Police officers will use CCTV to monitor vehicle speeds, with those driving over the speed limit facing heavy fines.

Parking on the expressway is also prohibited except in cases of emergency.

Accidents on expressway since construction
An accident on the Vang Vieng Expressway.

In the suburbs, drivers are not allowed to exceed the posted speed limit, and buses are not permitted to exceed 80 km/h.

Meanwhile, drink drivers will be detained by police, with the notice stating that they will remain in detention until intoxication has passed, and they must then be taken home by a family member.

According to police, there were 4,808 accidents across the country between January and October 2021, resulting in 8,577 damaged vehicles, 7,334 injuries, and 704 deaths.

There were 217 accidents throughout the country during the international new year festivities in early January 2021, resulting in 376 damaged automobiles, 342 injuries, and 36 deaths, causing serious damage to health, life, and property.