FS-ISAC Launches Program to Bolster the Financial Sector’s Supply Chain Security


Akamai Technologies Joins Critical Providers Program as Founding Member

NEW DELHI, INDIA – Media OutReach – 20 January 2022 – FS-ISAC, the only global cyber intelligence sharing community solely focused on financial services, announced today the launch of its Critical Providers Program designed to strengthen the security of the financial sector’s supply chain. As critical service providers increasingly host, connect, and protect a substantial percentage of financial institutions’ infrastructure, FS-ISAC created the program to foster continuous collaboration and information sharing between its member firms and their providers. This will bolster the industry’s protections and preparedness against sophisticated cyber threats.


Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the world’s most trusted solution to power and protect digital experiences, joins the Critical Providers Program as founding member to help facilitate a two-way dialog with the financial sector about threat intelligence and cybercriminal tactics.  


“As financial services adopt new technologies to evolve the way they operate and serve customers, critical providers have become both an important ally to the industry and a target for cybercriminals,” said Teresa Walsh, Global Head of Intelligence of FS-ISAC. “The Program will ensure our members efficiently receive accurate and timely security information from their critical providers. In the event of a large-scale incident, this will empower our members to act and/or remediate expeditiously, while arming them with the pertinent information to brief key stakeholders.”


“We are honored to be a founding member of this important program and applaud FS-ISAC for taking a leadership role in facilitating direct communication between critical providers and the financial sector,” said Dr. Boaz Gelbord, Chief Security Officer, Akamai. “We are looking forward to sharing what we are seeing from the unique vantage point of our globally distributed edge platform, listening to the members’ experiences, and collaborating on ways to mitigate current and future risks.”


During a large-scale cyber incident or threat involving the sector and its critical providers, the Program will leverage FS-ISAC’s dedicated communication channels to expedite the dissemination of accurate information necessary to address the immediate risks and keep the industry safe.

Note to the Editor
Critical Providers are defined as non-financial organizations providing network infrastructure and services that, if impacted by an incident, would in real-time interrupt a significant amount of core financial services across the sector, in turn impacting the public’s ability to manage financial transactions.



The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) is the only global cyber intelligence sharing community solely focused on financial services. Serving financial institutions and in turn their customers, the organization leverages its intelligence platform, resiliency resources, and a trusted peer-to-peer network of experts to anticipate, mitigate and respond to cyber threats. Headquartered in the United States, the organization has offices in the United Kingdom and Singapore, and members in more than 70 countries.


To learn more, visit www.fsisac.com. For clarity and perspective on the future of finance, data, and cybersecurity from top C-level executives around the world, visit FS-ISAC Insights. To learn more about joining FS-ISAC as a member, visit fsisac.com/membership.


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