Deputy Mayor Orders Ban on Firecrackers in Vientiane Capital

Authorities in Laos crack down on firecrackers

Authorities in Vientiane Capital have issued an order prohibiting the import, sale, and usage of firecrackers without authorization.

According to a notice issued by the Deputy Mayor of Vientiane Capital, Mr. Phouvong Vongkhamsao yesterday, firecrackers of any type are not allowed from being imported, sold, or used in the Capital.

The notice states that those who violate the order will be fined and face prosecution under relevant law.

Use of firecrackers weighing less than 1 kilogram will attract fines of LAK 500,000, while those weighing more than 1 kilogram will be fined LAK 500,000 per kilogram.

Those who set off firecrackers, fireworks, or floating lanterns will be fined between LAK 500,000 and LAK 5 million, according to the notice.

Authorities are to keep a close eye on any violations during Lunar New Year.

Fireworks and firecrackers are fully prohibited by law, and are now one of three types of noise pollution that authorities announced they would crack down on in Vientiane Capital last year, with violators facing heavy fines or even imprisonment.