Laos Issues New Regulations on Labor Protection at Golden Triangle SEZ

Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone

Authorities in Bokeo Province have issued new rules on labor protection at the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

According to regulations issued on Monday by the Head of the Bokeo Committee for Special Economic Zone Management, Mr. Thongkhoun Phonthongsy, the rules will protect the rights of local and migrant workers in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

The notice states that all employees in the Golden Triangle SEZ, including domestic and foreign workers, must sign an employment contract before commencing work.

Both the employer and the employee must sign the employment contract in their local language, with the contract to be used when addressing labor disputes within the SEZ.

All employment contracts must have the seal of the Bokeo Committee for Special Economic Zone Management in order to be legitimate.

Employers or labor units that attempt to avoid the use of a labor contract, who have signed an unlawful employment contract, or who are operating without an employment contract, will be punished in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In cases of dispute, the employer will be held liable for all damages if he or she employs labor without an official employment contract.

Meanwhile, regulations state that employers must recruit only officially registered laborers and submit all relevant documentation to authorities for verification.