New Japanese inspired anti-aging treatment “Cellester” to launch in Asia: Impressive clinical results without the clinic

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 28 February 2022 – New Japanese inspired beauty treatment “Cellester” ( is launching in Asia, bringing anti-aging treatments that were once only available in luxury beauty spas in Tokyo to the rest of the world.

Cellester LEGEND

Cellester LEGEND

Signs of aging start to appear as early as mid-twenties. While traditional skincare such as topical serums may work to a certain extent, it is far from being a perfect solution to skin aging. Topical skincare cannot reach the deep dermis layer, where most of the glycation and aging took place. Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are proteins or lipids that become glycated as a result of exposure to sugars, glycation also caused saggy-looking skin and loss of skin elasticity. To reverse the impact of glycation, some Japanese products launched in recent years in the form of anti-glycation pills and drinks, which produce certain effects. To most effectively boost collagen production, controlled thermal energy is recommended to reverse the skin aging process. “Cellester” is a safe and effective treatment to induce heat energy required for collagen and elastic to regenerate, making skin more supple and creating a younger looking face.

Cellester is totally non-invasive and can be used to contour the face and body, while boosting collagen to grow without painful injection and invasive cosmetic procedures. The 3 in 1 platform in the program “Cellester LEGEND”, was specially designed to bring the 3 most important elements of an effective Japanese anti-glycation treatment to a single platform:

(1) Controlled radiofrequency to gently wake up cells and elastins, so new collagen can be produced

(2) Deep thermal waves that can stimulate the pressure points on the face, getting rid of lymphatic drainage while improving circulation

(3) Cryo energy to help calm and soothe the skin

Regular treatments can bring long-lasting effects, making the face more contoured, jawline more obvious and also wrinkles reduced. With this new understanding of how skin glycation works, customers can now proactively reverse it without surgeries and injections that would cost US$1000-2000+ each time. Cellester LEGEND machines can be used for UNLIMITED times and for UNLIMITED amount of users, which is very economical alternative to injections.

Cellester LEGEND is a powerful platform with a unique design: Unlike other professional equipments, it has no limit on usage time or number of shots. There is no need to buy replacement handpiece tips, making it a very attractive investment option for business owners.

Cellester is now available at beauty salons in Taiwan and Hong Kong. There is more that can help you to reverse aging than glycation pills and drinks. Experience the latest technology “Cellester” at a salon near you.

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