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London Weight Management Announces Spokesperson Partnership With Homegrown TV & Film Personality Michelle Chong

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 8 March 2022 – London Weight Management has announced its spokesperson partnership with homegrown television and film personality Michelle Chong.

Chong introduced the partnership via a video on her YouTube channel “The Michelle Chong Channel”, where she cited her busy schedule as an actress and content producer and lack of time to commit to a strict exercise routine as the main drivers behind her decision to pursue slimming services.

In the video, Chong mentioned that she had undergone a three-month customised programme with London Weight Management, which she credited for the visible slimming results that she noticed.

The slimming services mentioned by Chong in her video include London Weight Management’s ezSlim™ Body Contouring and BioDetox™ Slimming treatments.

Creating a Relaxing and Fuss-Free Slimming Experience grounded in Science

London Weight Management is consistently committed to creating a non-invasive and individualised slimming experience for its clients. As Chong mentions in her video, the overall experience is “relaxing” and she was even able to check her emails and use her phone throughout the treatment process.

Services such as the ezSlim™ Body Contouring and BioDetox™ Slimming treatments use the latest in advanced slimming technology to help clients achieve their personal weight-loss goals.

Each treatment begins with a detailed Body Fat Analysis to identify clients’ main concerns and to set overall treatment goals.

The ezSlim™ Body Contouring treatment then targets and dissolves fat cells in areas highlighted by clients, and includes complimentary slimming matcha tea to help eliminate broken-down fatty acids from the body.

This is further complemented by the BioDetox™ Slimming Treatment which helps to regulate the client’s blood circulation and lymphatic system to promote overall wellness and maintain their slimming progress.

Slimming programs provided by London Weight Management are personalised and tailored in line with the client’s goals. Clients can also opt for add-on services such as cupping therapy or hot blanket treatments to further customise their treatment plan.

Encouraging a Holistic Lifestyle for Clients’ Slimming Journey

In addition to the specific services provided within the personalised treatment plan, London Weight Management clients such as Chong also receive nutrition and diet advice from in-house nutrition specialists.

London Weight Management’s nutrition specialists and professional consultants have been trained to provide clients with personalised expert advice tailored to their slimming journey. This nutrition and diet advice includes personalised multi-day diet plans and healthy eating tips to help clients maintain and enhance their results.

About London Weight Management

London Weight Management is a multi-award winning slimming brand founded over two decades ago in Singapore. Prioritising innovation and the use of breakthrough technologies, London Weight Management’s slimming solutions are highly sought after by women with weight concerns and those who desire an effortless way to achieve a shapely silhouette. For more information, visit https://londonweight.com.sg/.

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