Artnet Announces Second NFT Sale, Feels Rare Man, Launching March 11th

– Featuring original Rare Pepes and Fake Rares

– All bidders will receive NFT by Viva La Vandal

– Supported by Rare Pepe founders Joe Looney and Scarilla

NEW YORK, US / BERLIN, GERMANY – EQS Newswire – 10 March 2022 – Artnet AG, the leading platform for art market data and media, and the global marketplace for fine art is excited to announce its second NFT sale. As a fully integrated, Ethereum compatible, on-chain platform, ArtNFT is among the first in the art world to provide collectors with a transparent, efficient, trustworthy, and digitally native experience with NFTs. With a buyer’s premium of only 10%, Artnet takes position as the most cost-effective curated NFT auction platform in the traditional art market.

Following the highly successful inaugural ArtNFT sale in December 2021, the upcoming sale, Feels Rare Man, centers on the Rare Pepe project, which began in 2016 on a blockchain branch called Counterparty. Feels Rare Man features original Rare Pepes and Fake Rares, launched in 2021 during a resurgence of the Rare Pepe project.

“ArtNFT was envisioned to be an authentic and cryptonative extension of the work we do at Artnet Auctions and Artnet writ-large, and the tight curation and thematic focus of Feels Rare Man speaks meaningfully to our fulfilling that goal,” said Colleen Cash, VP, Auctions.

Works in this on-chain auction can be purchased easily in ETH, and all participating bidders will be airdropped a newly released NFT by artist Viva La Vandal, which will be included in the Fake Rares directory. The number of bidders will determine the edition size. The sale features a strong selection of works by iconic Rare Pepe artists, such as Joe Looney, Rare Scrilla, Mike, Indelible, ICQPEPE, John Villar and Pepenardo, and has found strong support from the Rare Pepe OG artists.

“We have spent significant time connecting with deep and diverse communities across the NFT space, and the communities involved in the Rare Pepe and Fake Rares worlds are active, engaged, and engaging,” said Cash. “We are thrilled to be working in such close collaboration with the real OGs and founders in this critical part of the NFT world.”

Artnet is a pioneer of the digital art market and was the first company to offer online sales of fine art. Today, artnet Auctions hosts more than 70 curated auctions annually, featuring a range of coveted post-war and contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs. As of the end of 2021, the value of transactions sold on Artnet Auctions had increased by 6% YoY to 25.8 million USD, and revenues have increased by 6% to 5.2 million USD. The expansion of ArtNFT has the potential to lead to vastly accelerated growth at Artnet in 2022.

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