Möller’s Wins Superior Taste Award For Cod Liver Oil Supplements

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 14 March 2022 – Leading supplier of health supplements, Möller’s, has been awarded the Superior Taste Award in 2022 for their cod liver oil and gummy jelly gel fish products. The prestigious award, granted by the 2022 International Taste Institute jury, has recognised the efforts from Möller’s in modernising their cod liver oil production process – which leads to the removal of fishy taste commonly associated with fish oil products while simultaneously tasting great and retaining a high degree of nutrients in the final product.

The award was presented by the International Taste Institute, a global institution holding a jury of established chefs and sommeliers who are responsible for grading various food and beverages according to their taste and quality. According to the International Taste Institute, Möller’s cod liver oil with lemon, tutti frutti (fruit), and apple flavours have been awarded 2 stars for their remarkable taste. Additionally, the natural-flavoured cod liver oil and the orange-flavoured gummy jelly gel fish product were awarded 1 star for their notable taste. The products were analysed and scored following a proper methodology in which a massive panel of independent food and drink professionals taste d the respective products without knowing the origin or the brand name. With the primary purpose of keeping the process neutral and fair, the anonymised products ensure that the chefs and sommeliers are completely objective as they conduct the sensory analysis.

While cod liver oil has been historically known to be a highly nutritious product high in vitamins A and D, along with other essential fatty oils, the downside of what was termed as a ‘fishy taste’ has made it consumable only with a spoonful of sugar to mask the raw taste. As such, Möller’s has developed production and purification methods that now allow for a high quality, pure cod liver oil to be consumed without the need for added sugars. This falls in line with Möller’s objectives of providing excellent natural health supplements to their customers while reducing the need for additives and artificial sugars as much as possible. Möller’s will continue to innovate and enhance their processes to create better products for their global customer base; ideal for those seeking natural supplements online in Singapore.

One of the world’s largest suppliers of cod liver oil products, Möller’s is a trusted supplier of health supplements in the Nordic region dedicating themselves to improving and developing natural, quality supplements. Interested individuals can purchase bottled and capsule cod liver oil at their stores as well as through online e-commerce platforms.

For more information on Möller’s and their range of products, please visit https://www.mollers.com.sg/.


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