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Hungry Sausages Lab’s First NFT Collection Joins Hands with “Chef Nic Family” for Special Edition NFTs

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 22 March 2022 – Not long ago local creative studio “Hungry Sausages Lab” (HSL) teased the launch of a NFT collection titled “Hungry Sausages” in collaboration with a renowned chef brand, to celebrate the establishment of “Not For Teeth” – a brick-and-mortar NFT club in Hong Kong. The lab announces the details today (22nd March), confirming their collaboration with the celebrity food and lifestyle brand – “Chef Nic Family” – to launch a special edition NFT with higher rarity. Upcoming plans and diversified functions of the project are also revealed.

“More than just a sausage!”
Converging Virtual and Physical world, Follow the Sausages to create their own galaxy

HSL was founded by three passionate talents with a shared vision, each from a different background of F&B, creative and finance. They created “Sausages” characters who live an intriguing lifestyle filled with food, music and fashion, converging virtual and real worlds, and showcasing the lab’s core value of providing combined virtual & physical experience.

The first NFT collection “Hungry Sausages” begins with the Sausages’ fantastical adventure – “More than just a sausage!”. A group of Sausages with a dream to create their own Sausages Galaxy, has made their escape from a supermarket, disguised themselves as humans and stumbled on an adventurous journey with endless laughter. The Sausages successfully morphed themselves into 5,000 unique NFT copies with the help of Dr. Hunger and have started lurking in the world of metaverse. With their funny and peculiarly amusing nature, the lab hopes the Sausages can spread joy happily spread joy to the wider public amidst the pandemic.

Introducing Chef Nic Family x Hungry Sausages

Founded by celebrity Nicholas Tse in 2020, Chef Nic Family, a spin-off of Chef Nic, is a food and lifestyle brand which shares the same vision to spread positivity and believes in “We create experiences, not food”. The animated Chef Nic Family have captured the heart of youngsters, with members including GUIDIAO, NOODLE, MISO, DASHI, KEZAI and MUSTARD, each with a different personality and culinary skill.

Themed with “We create experiences, not food”, this special collaboration has combined the most iconic visual elements of Chef Nic Family and Hungry Sausages to create new and waggish character images. NOODLES will lead the launch and others will follow.

“The core value of Chef Nic is all about experience. We focus more on the experience we bring to the table rather than the food itself,” Derek Yeung, Co-Founder of Chef Nic Holdings said.” As a spin-off of Chef Nic, we provide endless stream of fresh experiences to our fans and customers by constantly developing new dishes. The metaverse craze is all over the world, while we are expanding our business in the physical market, we are also actively exploring novel ways to create new experiences through the virtual world.”

Brick-and-mortar NFT club opening in July
Travel seamlessly between the virtual and physical world

The physical NFT club “Not For Teeth” is expected to officially open in July 2022. The name “Not For Teeth”, with abbreviation “NFT” is an extension of the lab’s NFT. Not only does it combine F&B and entertainment enjoyment but also serves as a hub for to experience the endless possibilities of “phygital” activities. Not For Teeth will be located on the top floors of W Square, Wan Chai. Inspired by the digital element from the metaverse, the 8,000 square feet venue is spanned across two levels (public level & member exclusive level) and designed to offer immersive and sensory experience with food catering, cultural and social exchanges. Hungry Sausages NFT holders will be given the prioritized privilege to acquire premium membership of the club for exclusive privileges and services.

More details of the “Not For Teeth” Physical NFT club will be announced later.

First Hungry Sausages NFT collection drops in April
Explore the Metaverse with 5,000 amusing Sausages

HSL will be unveiling 5,000 unique and amusing NFTs based on the image of the Sausages characters, each with a randomized assortment of pre-designed 3D & 2D features, to reflect what they experience in their adventure. Those with a sharp eye will spot the satirical humour in each character’s smug facial expression and distinct costumes.

The collaboration will be available for whitelist pre-sale on 1st April 2022, public minting on 4th April 2022, in the Ethereum standard (ERC-721) on the Hungry Sausages Web 3.0 site. It will be available for trade on Open Sea on a later date.

In addition to a series of vivid NFT creations, planets with different themes will also be realized to construct “The Sausage Galaxy” – a galaxy to unite the Hungry Sausages community. All Hungry Sausages NFT holders will be granted access to the planets with their Hungry Sausage passport (NFTs), travel freely across the Sausages Galaxy with endless possibilities. HSL will also roll out the first planet inspired by the brick-and-mortar NFT Club and later construct the galaxy with different themes and brands for upcoming projects.

Goes virtual while staying grounded, the entrance to both worlds

“We are happy to realize this cross-disciplinary collaboration with the Chef Nic Family in our first ever NFT project,” Benny Cheng, co-founder of Hungry Sausages Lab, said. “We believe the future is where the virtual and physical world coexist dependently. We hope Not For Teeth club and the Sausage Galaxy can build a community around Human Sausages, serve as gathering hub for NFT enthusiasts, hypebeasts, fashionistas and artists from all over the world, connecting brands from different disciplinaries. We are looking forward to enter the age of metaverse with our members.”

Joining Hands with Synergy Group to work towards low-emission NFTs

Synergy Group (Stock code: 1539.HK), one of the leading integrated energy saving and green technology solution providers in Hong Kong, will offset the carbon footprint that underpins the Chef Nic Family x Hungry Sausages NFT collection. With the group’s verified carbon credits, the NFT owners have offset the carbon emission resulted from the electricity consumed by the NFT creation and associated transactions to achieve zero carbon footprint.

“The scale of energy consumption on blockchain continues to expand. The carbon footprint on minting and transacting of an NFT is equivalent to the electricity consumption of an urbanite in one month. We hope to support artistic creation through this project as well as raising the social awareness of sustainable technology development. The gains will be used for green and environmental charitable purposes as a token to social sustainability.”, said Mr. Mansfield Wong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Synergy Group.

Gigantic Chef Nic Family X Hungry Sausages NOODLE landed in Times Square, New York

Although the Hungry Sausages NFT collection is yet to officially launch in Hong Kong, it has gone international and landed in New York! One of the crossover collections – Chef Nic Family x Hungry Sausages NFT with the highest rarity level, has made it to the giant LED billboard in Times Square, New York. The Hungry Sausage proudly overlooks the hustle and bustle of New York, stay tuned to how it will disrupt the world.

Hungry Sausages Lab whitelist is now open

For a chance to get on the whitelist, members of Hungry Sausages Lab Discord may follow a few steps – invite friends to join HSL Discord, actively participate in the discussion and giveaway activities across social media platforms etc. For more details, please follow the announcement on the official Discord.

About “Chef Nic Family”

Founded by celebrity Nicholas Tse in 2020, Chef Nic Family, a spin-off of Chef Nic, is a food and lifestyle brand which shares the same vision to spread positivity and believes “We create experiences, not food”. The animated Chef Nic Family have captured the heart of youngsters, with members including GUIDIAO, NOODLE, MISO, DASHI, KEZAI and MUSTARD, each with a different personality and culinary skill.

Since the establishment, “Chef Nic Family” has launched a series of products and produced encouraging content in the form of Webtoon, short video, comic-style cookbook, across multiple social media platforms including Weibo, WeChat, TikTok etc.

About “Hungry Sausages Lab”

Founded in 2022, creative studio Hungry Sausages Lab (HSL) has organized an array of cross-disciplinary exhibitions and launched a variety of trendy products for international IPs and artists. A series of humorous “Sausages” is created by incorporating different artistic and cartoonish aesthetic via graphic, 3D and animation design, cheering us up in a down-to-earth and trendy style under the pandemic. HSL will continue to launch a variety of exhibitions and collectibles including limited edition painting, statues, clothing and lifestyle products.


About “Not For Teeth” NFT Club

Not For Teeth NFT Club will be located in W Square, Wan Chai. spanning across 8,000 square feet and expected to officially open in July 2022. Inspired by the digital element from the metaverse, the brick-and-mortar is designed to offer immersive and sensorial experience with food catering, cultural and social exchanges. Completed with two levels, the lower space is open to the public and designated to offer a comprehensive food and beverage experience with a combination of international first-class ingredients and creative cooking methods alongside with bar and shisha area. The upper space is open exclusively to members and features a cigar and champagne bar with delicious snacks such as caviar and foie gras. In addition to the food and beverage services, the club will also host regular digital art exhibitions, NFT collections release event and digital art battle competitions.

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