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Ministry of Industry and Commerce Instructs Employees to Work From Home

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The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has allowed its employees to work from home amid soaring fuel prices and the Omicron Covid-19 outbreak.

According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce yesterday, ministry employees may rotate shifts working from home.

The notice states that to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and in light of rising fuel prices, the ministry has assisted its employees in reducing the amount of time they spend traveling from home to work.

Various departments including offices related to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce will consider allowing employees to rotate both in-office and online from 21 March to 1 April.

Pregnant and nursing women are given special permission to work from home.

According to the notice, employees with a fever or cold can use the ATK kit for confirmation, as well as follow-up and PCR testing.

Meanwhile, Laos has seen a new wave of community-wide Coronavirus infection in the last few days, with over a thousand people infected per day, particularly in Vientiane Capital, where the number of sick people is higher than in other provinces.

At the same time, due to global turmoil and the Russian war in Ukraine, authorities increased fuel prices for the seventh time this year on Friday, resulting in premium petrol increasing by LAK 1,530 per liter, with regular petrol up by LAK 1,270 per liter, and diesel fuel up by LAK 1,730 per liter.

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