Savour the Tastes of Korea with 7-Eleven’s New and Exciting Menu of 7-SELECT Ready-to-Eat Food


It’s no secret that Singaporeans love their food, especially Korean food! To help you get your K-food fix, 7-Eleven is back with a wider, even more mouth-watering range of Korean-inspired ready-to-eat food plus a series of 7CAFÉ limited-edition banana milk flavoured beverages. Check out their ‘daebak’ selection island wide from 31 March!

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 31 March 2022 – 7-Eleven is whisking you and your taste buds back to Korea, this time with a more extensive and exciting selection of Korean-inspired bites, authentic-tasting homestyle dishes and 7CAFÉ banana milk flavoured beverages! And, just like your favourite K-pop group, some fan favourites from last year are also making their long-awaited comeback!


Unmissable must-eats in Korea are now available at your nearby 7-Eleven!

An all-new array of Korean delights is coming your way – including a comforting chicken broth, the latest must-try street snack and other delectable goodies that can be enjoyed on the go. This is one tasty menu you won’t want to miss out on!

7-SELECT Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup) (U.P. $5.50) consists of tender and succulent pieces of chicken thigh boiled to perfection in a tasty broth containing sticky rice, jujube, American ginseng, served with a side of short grain rice. No menu would be complete without this iconic and beloved Korean summer dish – a soothing soup to keep your spirits up on hot and humid days!

7-SELECT Gilgeori Toast (Korean Street Toast) Sandwich (U.P. $3.60) is our take on the popular toasted sandwich – an irresistible Korean street food favourite! Onion omelette and picnic ham, along with a generous serving of shredded cabbage and carrot, is dressed with smoky BBQ sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup, then sandwiched between toasted bread. This delicious and filling bite also contains no added preservatives, making it a great choice for a hearty and wholesome breakfast or snack.

7-SELECT Yangnyeom Chicken Wrap (U.P. $3.60) features crisp, lightly fried chicken tossed in our signature sweet and slightly spicy Yangnyeom sauce then wrapped with shredded purple cabbage in a soft steamed tortilla. Piquant and tangy, this wrap is a harmonious blend of refreshing yet comforting tastes and textures.

7-SELECT Chicken Bulgogi Onigiri (U.P. $2) packs a punch when it comes to taste! Marinated pieces of roasted chicken are combined with a mouth-watering mix of authentic gochujang sauce from Korea, chilli flakes and mayonnaise then wrapped in fragrant rice and seaweed. This fusion of bold flavours makes a quick, easy, and mess-free snack on the go!

Banana milk is an ever-popular drink in Korea, beloved by locals and tourists alike, often seen being enjoyed by your favourite K-pop stars or in the latest must-see K-drama! To celebrate this iconic drink, 7-Eleven is launching a limited-edition series of 7CAFÉ banana milk flavoured beverages, the ideal partners to the Korean ready-to-eat menu. Try the classic 7CAFÉ Iced Banana Milk (U.P. $3.20), the perfect pick-me-up to beat the heat. Or level up your daily cuppa and treat yourself to a milky 7CAFÉ Banana Latte, available hot (U.P. $2.70) or iced (U.P. $3.50) to get your day off to a great start! They’re available for a limited time only so grab one before they’re gone!

Back by popular demand!

You wanted seconds? This top-selling trio from last year is now back for a limited time only so don’t miss out!

7-SELECT Kimchi Jiggae (U.P. $5.20), the family favourite and must-order at Korean restaurants is back! This Korean stew has a fiery kick and features kimchi and tofu in a chicken broth. Made using gochujang sauce from Korea, this hug in a bowl is the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy.

7-SELECT Korean Jajangmyeon (U.P. $4.20) is also making a welcome return! A much-loved dish boasting firm yet tender fresh egg noodles topped with chunjang sauce – a black bean sauce imported from Korea – and fragrant spring onions for a salty yet slightly sweet taste.

7-SELECT Korean Spicy Rice Cakes (U.P. $3.20) – made with gochujang sauce and rice cakes sourced from Korea for a more authentic flavour ­– these tastes just like the real deal! The ultimate comfort food in Korea, this street food snack is enjoyed by all ages. What’s more, you can get $0.50 off 7-SELECT Korean Spicy Rice Cakes when you buy it with a 7-SELECT Samgyetang, Gilgeori Toast Sandwich or Yangnyeom Chicken Wrap from 1 Apr to 26 Apr 2022. Treat yourself!

Three more meal solutions with a Korean twist from Taste Asia round off the menu – take your pick from Taste Asia Korean Style Abalone Porridge (U.P.$3.20), Taste Asia Korean Spicy Chicken Stew with Rice (U.P.$4.80) and Taste Asia Cheesy Ramen with Grilled Gochujang Chicken (U.P.$4.80).

For more detail on launch dates and the promotion, please refer to this summary table:




Promo Period

Launch Date

7-SELECT Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup)


Get $0.50 off 7-SELECT Korean Spicy Rice Cakes with purchase of 7-SELECT Samgyetang/ Gilgeori Toast/ Yangnyeom Chicken Wrap

1 Apr – 26 Apr 2022

31 Mar 2022

7-SELECT Gilgeori Toast (Korean Street Toast) Sandwich


7-SELECT Yangnyeom Chicken Wrap


7-SELECT Korean Spicy Rice Cakes


7-SELECT Chicken Bulgogi Onigiri


Buy 2 for $3.80

31 Mar – 24 May 2022

7-SELECT Kimchi Jiggae


7-SELECT Jajangmyeon


Taste Asia Korean Style Abalone Porridge


Taste Asia Korean Spicy Chicken Stew with Rice


Taste Asia Cheesy Ramen with Grilled Gochujang Chicken


7CAFÉ Iced Banana Milk


7CAFÉ Banana Latte

$2.70 (Hot)

$3.50 (Iced)

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