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Monday, July 15, 2024

Laos Covid Taskforce Reopens Primary School Classes Under New Measures

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The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has reversed an unpopular decision by the Ministry of Education and Sports that had seen some face-to-face preschool and primary school classes closed.

The Covid Taskforce issued new measures for Covid prevention and control in Laos yesterday, signed off by Minister of Health, Dr. Bounfeng Phoummalaysith.

The notice states that face-to-face classes at all levels of education and at all educational institutions may continue so long as adequate Covid-19 prevention measures are adhered to.

Only schools and colleges that fail to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures would be closed under the new measures.

Meanwhile, the notice states that provincial taskforces are to provide guidance on how residents should best celebrate Lao New Year.

Making religious offerings, sprinkling water on Buddha images at temples, and holding Baci ceremonies at home are encouraged, while unauthorized large gatherings and parties are prohibited.

Provincial authorities have also been given the green light to tighten Covid-19 restrictions as necessary in the event of an outbreak.

Meanwhile, the ministries of public security and defense have been charged with monitoring international borders and checkpoints to ensure no illegal entries occur.

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