Employees Caught Faking Covid Test Results 

Covid-19 rapid test kit

Government and private organizations have warned that workers who falsify Covid-19 results will face heavy fines.

Both state employees and private-sector workers have been caught using fake Covid-19 test results to take advantage of time off and benefits, Lao Post reports.

To falsify the information, employees have digitally manipulated photographs of Covid-19  Rapid Antigen Test kit (ATK) results, or sent photos of other people’s test results to their employer.

Some employees have even managed to fake positive RT-PCR test results by manipulating photographs of certificates issued by state hospitals.

Organizations have responded by requesting further evidence of a positive result, such as including the name and date of the individual with the test result.

Some employers have also asked for photographs of positive results using two separate brands of ATK.

Faking Covid-19 test results by manipulating photographs is in breach of the Lao Law on Cybercrime, attracting fines of up to LAK 50,000,000.

In severe cases, those charged under the cybercrime law can be imprisoned for up to five years.