Laos Urges End to US Embargo on Cuba

Laos urges end to US trade embargo against Cuba
Laos urges end to US trade embargo against Cuba.

President of the National Assembly of Laos, Mr. Xaysomphone Phomvihane, affirmed on Friday that Laos, its Party and government, urge that the United States lift its economic, commercial, and financial embargo against Cuba.

Mr. Xaysomphone made the demand during a virtual meeting with his Cuban counterpart, Esteban Lazo, in which they addressed parliamentary relations between the two nations, according to Cuba’s National People’s Power Assembly Twitter account.


Laos donated medical supplies, cleaning products, and food to the Frank Pais International Orthopedic Scientific Complex in Havana last year to assist Cuba in its efforts against Covid-19.

Staunch allies, the two countries have often united their voices in defense of self-determination, sovereignty, and social justice at international forums.

Laos and Cuba established diplomatic relations on November 4, 1974.