Blockchain game, MetaSnake, to create the Metaverse’s “One Ticket to the end,” On May 5th, 200 NFTs will be available for public sale

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 27 April 2022 – MetaSnake comes with the “Genesis Ancient Spirit NFT” featuring three major empowerment benefits, which are “ecosystem benefits,” “game benefits,” and “asset benefits.” Holders do not just put the concept of “Play to Earn” into practice in a single game but all the Blockchain games launched by METASENS in the future. The public minting has been arranged to hold at 12:30 a.m on May 5th, which is expected to be a two-day event. The price is fixed at 1BNB and the quantity is restricted to 200 pieces.

Attracted 30,000 GameFi players by unique core gameplay

MetaSnake is based on the classic game “Snake,” in which players need to consume crystals to lengthen their teams and participate in a PvP combat for magnets, scythes, energy drinks, and running shoes to beat their opponents. 30,000 players from the United States, Germany, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam joined in the beta test. Launched in April, MetaSnake is made available to the public on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The game is completely free to earn, allowing people to unwittingly enter the world of GameFi. Players who make it to the Top500 will be rewarded MSU and UCG tokens, both of which are available on the AAX exchange and can be easily exchanged for USDT. The winner in a recent season won over US$2,200 in equivalent value. When players equip characters with NFTs, they will be able to earn tokens more effectively.

Hold MetaSnake NFTs to enjoy three major empowerment benefits

The project recently has introduced three major empowerment benefits to community members. The first benefit is ‘ecosystem benefit,’ which will occasionally distribute airdrop prizes based on revenue growth. 50,000 MSUs worth US$150,000 were issued in the first quarter of this year. Furthermore, NFT holders will get reward-weighted when they participate in community events.

The second feature is “Game benefit,” which includes assured player’s access to all new MetaSnake characters in the future, as well as a first deposit bonus. The project will also release a special “Mystery NFT” in May, which players can burn it for claiming a commemorative avatar, weighted token bonuses, and genetic potions. Furthermore, NFT holders will be able to compete in a unique Battle Pass competition in the game, which will directly reward them with UCG tokens.

Last but not least, there are also the “asset benefits.” The project is now starting the minting event for “Genesis Ancient Spirit NFTs,” which are limited to 5,000 pieces and will never be produced again. If a player has more than two NFTs, they can use the derivation function to claim more Ancient Spirit NFTs, which can be traded in the market to increase their assets or power up characters in the game.

Based on the concept of “One Ticket to the end,” METASENS will airdrop new NFTs to players for experiencing the fun of each newly-launched game.

METASENS is funded by a Hong Kong-listed company, “Imperium Technology Group Limited.” Any NFT holder can join METASENS and contribute to the project’s goal of creating a “playable” cosmic amusement park. The public sales will begin at 12:30 p.m on May 5th. The price is 1BNB and the quantity is restricted to 200 pieces.

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