HOYA’s FULL CONTROL Lens Coating protects the eyes of average Singaporeans from the environmental hazards of daily life

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 13 May 2022 – HOYA Vision Care, a leader in optical technology innovation, had launched its FULL CONTROL coating for eyewear lenses a few months ago, successfully providing Singaporeans the ultimate eye protection to go about their daily lives where they face all sorts of environmental hazards.

The typical day of an average Singaporean consists of checking the notifications on their smartphone the moment they wake, making their eyes prone to blue light subconsciously. As they leave home and commute to work, they are vulnerable to UV rays the moment they step outside as well as handling bacteria everywhere, especially on public transportation.

The exposure to these hazards continues throughout the day as Singaporeans face their digital devices for hours on end at work, and head out for lunch when UV rays are the strongest. Upon reaching home, they face a TV screen or scroll through their smartphones to unwind but that means dealing with more blue light. All these daily activities leave Singaporeans at risk to various degrees of damage from blue light, UV rays, and bacteria.

With all these unavoidable environmental factors, HOYA FULL CONTROL lens coating provides an all-rounded total protection against these hazards.

Through HOYA’s advanced research and technological capabilities, the FULL CONTROL coating is characterised by a combination of HOYA’s four signature lens coatings, namely, Hi-Vision LongLife (HVLL), BlueControl, UV Control and Hi-Vision Anti-bacterial. This makes FULL CONTROL a first-of-its-kind lenses in HOYA’s product offerings.

HOYA’s premium Hi-Vision LongLife multi-layer coating offers significant lens durability that maintains HOYA’s excellent lens performance for years, as it’s scratch resistant and repellant to water and dust.

Singaporeans spend an average of 7 hours and 29 minutes on the internet daily, be it on the computer or their smartphones, making them susceptible to blue light for long hours. HOYA’s trademark BlueControl treatment reduces harmful blue light by reflecting it away to combat the effect of digital eye strain. This lens helps minimise glare from digital screens and enhances contrast to provide more comfortable and relaxed vision.

When Singaporeans take a step outside, they are exposed to harmful UV rays even during a cloudy day. With UV Control, wearers enjoy 100% protection against UV rays on both the front and back surfaces of the lens. UV protection is essential since Singapore’s geographical location is near the equator; this means they are susceptible to higher levels of UV radiation. HOYA’s UV Control helps decrease the risk of UV-related eye damage and diseases.

Being outdoors means Singaporeans will touch all sorts of surfaces and items that could be filled with bacteria; such as handlebars, door knobs, smartphones and more. To ensure all-rounded total protection, FULL CONTROL lenses consist of Hi-Vision Anti-bacterial technology that utilises silver ions (AG+) which is applied on both front and back of the lens for an innate bacterial-resistant property that assists the hygienic maintenance of lenses. This new treatment is tested under strict standards* and has been proven to be highly effective and long-lasting in reducing and slowing down bacterial growth by at least 99.9%**

Find out more about HOYA’s FULL CONTROL coating at our official website or head to the nearest authorised HOYA retailers in Singapore.

Full Control consists of the following Hoya coating products: Hi-Vision LongLife, BlueControl, UV Control and Hi-Vision Anti-bacterial

*Based on BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute’s anti-bacterial activity value test results (Staphylococcus aureus and E.Coli)*

**Tested according to ISO 22196 and certified by The Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) standards

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For over 80 years, HOYA Vision Care has been a passionate global leader in optical technology innovation. As a manufacturer of high quality, high performing eyeglass lenses, HOYA continues to drive optical technology innovation with the aim of finding the best vision care solutions for Eye Care Professionals. The company supplies lenses in 52 countries with a network of over 18,000 employees and 45 laboratories around the globe.

About HOYA
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