Loca Transforms Taxis Into Electric Cars By 2030


Loca is transforming all taxis into electric cars by 2030 and installing EV charging stations across the country.

The number of electric car users in Laos has risen in recent years due to improved infrastructure, and Loca’s goal is to transform all of its fuel taxis into electric cars by 2030.

Using an electric car will save Loca drivers money while also reducing CO2 emissions produced by a petrol car. Loca now has 5 electric vehicles operating as taxis from 600 Loca cars. With only these 5 EVs, Loca has serviced clients with more than 18,912 kilometers and reduced CO2 emissions by more than 4,352 kilograms.

Loca plans to establish a Loca EV DC Charging Station to support EVs in Laos as well as Loca EV drivers to support the 100% Loca EV taxi service. The charger began in Vientiane and it’s expanding north to south along the No.13 road. On average, the Loca EV Charger can fully charge a range of brands such as BMW, BYD, Hyundai, Tesla, and many more in only 20 to 40 minutes.

Loca electric taxi.

In 2022, Loca plans to have 12 EV charging stations, each with two chargers that can charge 4 cars at once. Loca intends to build 25 stations by 2023 and 40 stations by 2025 throughout Laos, from north to south.

It will be that simple to use the Loca EV charger via the Loca app, which will allow you to know where they are, view the percentage of charging, and instantly pay the money.

Visit https://loca.la/download to get Loca right now.