Farmers in Laos Make Desperate Plea for Assistance Amid Fuel Crisis

Lao farmers call on the government to resolve the fuel crisis.
Lao farmers call on the government to resolve the fuel crisis (Photo: BBC).

Lao farmers are in desperate need of fuel and are pleading for an urgent solution to the ongoing fuel crisis.

The Lao Farmers Network made a plea to authorities on social media yesterday, saying farmers are unable to plow their fields or water crops without access to diesel fuels.

The rising cost of fertilizers has also been raised as a major issue causing some farmers to abandon their fields this year.

A rapidly depreciating local currency and lack of foreign currency reserves has made imports difficult for fuel companies, causing gaps in supply and massive shortages around the country.

Attempts to downplay the situation by government officials and fuel company executives have been met by ridicule on social media, with residents asking for solutions on the part of leaders rather than flat-out denials.

But farmers in Laos, who rely on machinery for agricultural production, are concerned about how they will continue to operate. 

“If I can only find 20 liters of fuel for my tractor, I would rather park it at home,” one farmer said.

Meanwhile, many petrol stations have stated they will no longer fill bottles or other containers with fuel, citing safety concerns.