Police Seize Over 10,000,000 Amphetamine Pills in Bokeo Province 

Police officials arrest two men with amphetamine pills.

Bokeo authorities seized over 10,000,000 amphetamine pills from two suspects on Friday.

Two men from Bokeo and Xieng Khouang provinces have been caught with 12,000,000 amphetamine pills weighing about 1,440 kilograms, Bokeo Newspaper reports

The suspects transported amphetamine pills inside container trucks before police officials caught on to the suspicious activity.   

The men are being investigated by police for evidence of illegal drug trafficking.

Police officials are looking into additional information behind these illegal activities, since it is likely the men are part of a larger drug network.

A new UN report counts the number of illegal methamphetamine tablets seized over the last year in South and Southeast Asia at more than a billion pills, the highest number ever recorded in the region.

The region’s illegal drug problem is serious and difficult to combat given its huge scale.

Amphetamines in Southeast Asia are not only consumed in Southeast Asia but also exported to New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and South Asia.