Seven Suspects Arrested for Vientiane-Vang Expressway Shooting

Police arrest a suspect for a shooting on the Vientine-Vang Vieng expressway.

A shooting in the exit tunnel on the Vientiane-Vang Vieng expressway led to the arrest of seven suspected drug gang members.

Head of the Vientiane Provincial Police Office, Lt. Buathong Boliban, said on Saturday that seven suspected drug gang members, including four women, were captured after gunshots were fired on the Vientiane-Vang Vieng expressway.

Police officials followed the vehicle after the gunshots and arrested the suspected gang with 25 amphetamine pills, several guns and a modified, black-windowed vehicle.

Police investigated further and 4 more suspected members were apprehended on the same day. 

Some of the suspected drug gang members.

One live-streaming video from a victim displays the outrageous shooting of a  family’s vehicle with children inside.

Fortunately, the victims only received minor injuries and no deaths were reported.