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Map My Gene Introduces Inborn Talent Gene Test For Kids

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17 June 2022 – Map My Gene, a gene testing company, is able to analyse inherited skills and talents with their Inborn Talent Gene Test. The ITGT offers additional assistance to psychologists, coaches, and education specialists who contribute to helping parents in raising their children. Its objective is to aid parents in deciphering their child’s innate abilities and aptitudes, which are often difficult to discern in young children. The DNA gene test enables parents to better understand their child’s potential, allowing them to provide more effective parenting and assist in developing their children’s skills.

The ITGT is a comprehensive personality DNA test targeted for children, as it provides insights into their health, intelligence, personality, and intuition. Through this Talent Genetic Test, it is able to identify if a child shows talent in academic courses and leadership skills. Besides a child’s performance in school, children’s development of innate intelligence and abilities depend on their growth and maturation. With this testing service from Map My Gene, parents can learn more about their child’s unique genetic makeup, how they are likely to grow up, and determine whether their child is predisposed to certain conditions such as ADHD or autism. Parents will be able to obtain a better understanding of their child’s inherent strengths and weaknesses as a result of this test, allowing them to better prepare for their child’s future.

Genetic testing is able to remove the need for trial and error, guaranteeing 99% accurate predictions. The ITGT examines 46 abilities and characteristics. The test results will include a career profiling evaluated by a group of psychologists based on a person’s unique capabilities determined by their genetic composition. The test results will also contain expert suggestions that provide valuable information to assist parents in effectively nurturing and developing their child’s temperament and unique abilities, serving as a guide for their educational and career prospects.

Map My Gene is a DNA test provider in Singapore aimed at helping individuals gain insight into their genetic makeup through DNA testing. Through Map My Gene’s art biotechnology and professional counselling services, the gene testing company aspires to offer clients a paradigm shift towards a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. With the Inborn Talent Genetic Test, Map My Gene assists parents in analysing the talents, skills, and abilities of their children to better prepare them for their future and studies.

For more information, please visit https://www.mapmygene.com/, and for more details on the Inborn Talent Gene Test (ITGT), please visit https://www.mapmygene.com/inborn-talent-gene-test/.


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