P2E.Game, the one-stop information aggregation platform for GameFi and NFT, has launched the News section

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES – Media OutReach – 27 June 2022 – P2E.Game, the one-stop GameFi and NFT Information Aggregation Platform, has officially launched the Beta version and updated the News section.

P2E.Game has rolled out important news and selected reports on GameFi and NFT tracks, so to make sure players have access to the most valuable information on the market in a short time whether a new investment event or a public test that a project is conducting.

In the News section, players can directly judge the popularity of the project from the Like of each news, saving inefficient browsing time, learning and joining in new projects on time, acquiring accurate market information, and receiving information about whitelist and airdrop of potential GameFi projects.

In the past 6 months, P2E.Game has launched four sections, Launchpad, Game Library, NFT Aggregator, and News, aiming to present to both gamers and crypto investors as the “Best GameFi and NFT Gem Tracker”, and opened up the Web3.0 era with GameFi and NFT.

P2E.Game is about to build DAO by aggregating players, projects, communities, media, institution investors and other participants.

On the roadmap, P2E.Game is running global airdrop activities in Q3 to expand P2E ecology. P2E.Game has achieved the accumulation of 100,000 seed users. Through DAO economy combined with the SocialFi model, each player can participate in the platform and become the owner of the platform.

P2E.Game has launched the innovative E2E Product to help projects find their targeted customers by bonding projects with users through a more effective Web3-sense of marketing.

P2E.Game has launched Launchpad Gallery that users could effortlessly find the scores and comparison of different GameFi launchpads in terms of ROI or quality of projects, which saves plenty of time switching between various platforms. The requirements of entry and the time period during which to participate are also provided so that users could timely track the best chance to earn from IDO with more accurate and comprehensive information.

P2E.Game is built by players, committing to creating a one-stop GameFi and NFT information platform and a Web3.0 portal.