Bolikhamxay to Close Pubs During Student Examinations

Partiers in a pub.

Authorities in Bolikhamxay Province will close entertainment establishments in the main district to prevent distractions from final examinations from 14-16 July.

According to a notice from the Boilikhamxay Public Security Headquarters, all restaurants, bars, and karaoke rooms will be temporarily closed during final exams for secondary and high school students.

Authorities will be on patrol during the exam period and the night before the last exam day to make sure that no students are seen celebrating and drinking in entertainment venues.

Signing, writing and drawing on student uniforms is prohibited this year in Bolikamxay.

Students drinking alcohol with messages signed on their uniforms.

Owners of entertainment venues who fail to comply with the notice will be fined and their businesses will be deregistered.

Traffic police will be in charge of busy routes as parents and students travel to and from schools for exams.

Vehicle safety will be overseen by police and school administration while students are taking exams.