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Ricoh and Cisco establish strategic partnership to optimize hybrid workplace with premier cloud service and leading IT equipment

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Exclusive Ricoh-Cisco service hotline and team provide 24/7 support for digital transformation

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 7 July 2022 – Ricoh Hong Kong, a trusted workplace expert, is committed to providing a wide range of technology business solutions to enable companies to achieve a more effective digital workplace. Considering that remote/hybrid workplace have become modern trends and operating means, and in order to provide stable network connectivity and safe digital workplace, Ricoh has repositioned across Four Areas of Expertise. They include: Hybrid Workplace, Digital Workflow & Automation, Cloud & IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity, with tailor-made solutions to assist companies to overcome digital difficulties. Ricoh and Cisco have established a strategic partnership since June 2022, introducing their “Secure Remote Access Solutions”, and thereby bringing more professional hybrid working and Internet of Things (IoT) support services.


Ricky Chong, Senior Director, Ricoh Hong Kong (left) and Andrew Wong, Head of Partner Organization, Cisco Hong Kong (right), believe the Ricoh-Cisco partnership will deliver the world-class smart office solutions and services to organizations in Hong Kong.

Ricoh X Cisco Meraki Secure Remote Access Solutions: Special service hotline providing all-round technical support

Ricoh and Cisco have already benefitted from synergy in their partnership in the Asia Pacific region. Now, given that hybrid working modes are resolutely popular in Hong Kong, Ricoh and Cisco Meraki’s Secure Remote Access Solution has combined network security and Auto VPN elements. Users need only to connect via relevant tools on the network, and then by calling the Ricoh Cisco special service hotline, Ricoh will complete the set-up through the Meraki cloud platform. This service provides automatic site-to-site VPN and enterprise-grade network security, which allows employees to use authorized computers, mobile devices, IP Phones, etc., to connect securely to the Internet and the company network. By using secure and smooth interconnectivity, workers will be able to feel as if they are very much “working from within their own company”, improving work efficiency across the hybrid work set-up, while minimizing workloads, to the relief of IT department.

Ricky Chong, Senior Director of Ricoh Hong Kong, responded, “In this global partnership program, Hong Kong is the first area in the Asia-Pacific region to benefit from this sustained effort in international partnership, providing users with the most comprehensive office network, IoT and IT management services. Technology can help companies to create smart workplace, saving an estimated average of 15% of office space required, but also improves employee working efficiency and creativity. Considering that remote and hybrid work modes are becoming prevalent in the post-pandemic era, being able to rely on a network connection out of office is an important issue. This partnership with Cisco combines basic network facilities and high-quality network services, and can offer more professional and highly-efficient IT support for different types of companies.”

Andrew Wong, Head of Partner Organization, Cisco Hong Kong, added, “Network connectivity is the most basic and important IT infrastructure requirement for any business operation. As more digital solutions, sensors, and artificial intelligence technologies are applied to various business activities, stable performance, flexible control and network security are the three most important points for companies. Cisco is very pleased to partner with Ricoh in the Hong Kong market to introduce Cisco Meraki’s Secure Remote Access Solutions, assisting companies of all sizes to implement hybrid working, and therefore meeting their requirements for unlocking the power and efficiencies of modern workstyle and smart workplace.”

With technology advancement, the connection between people online and offline is getting closer. Ricoh provides professional IT and network management services for companies through a strong IT service team and network management resources. Together with Cisco’s most high-end and secure network technology, the services will become a reliable partner for digital transformation, allowing companies to master a stable and secure network connectivity systems at any time.

Ricoh develops full range of digital services in Four Areas of Expertise, helping enterprises on their flexible DX journey

Ricoh’s comprehensive digital services offer the best collaborative technologies, enabling companies to collaborate effectively and get more out of their day, wherever they work.

Hybrid Workplace: Ricoh’s “Hybrid workplace” solutions fully support hybrid workforces, and feature Smart Pods, which are purpose-built meeting booths for workers, so no matter whether for in-office or remote office teams, workers are able to connect and collaborate seamlessly. Digital Services spans from planning, design and building, to offer software and hardware support to the workers, and to fully utilize the office space.

Digital Workflow & Automation: To improve company efficiency, Ricoh’s “Digital Workflow & Automation” solutions help to automate manual processes, allowing companies to focus on more valuable businesses, hence keeping workers engaged and productive. These solutions cover various areas, including Human Resources Management, Customer Relationship Management, Robotic Process Automation, and e-Signature & Approval, enhancing the client company’s competitiveness.

Cloud & IT Infrastructure: Under the philosophy of digital transformation, Ricoh’s “Cloud and IT Infrastructure” solutions make it easier for employees to access and use applications. Hybrid Cloud services provide higher reliability and security than traditional networks, allowing companies to store all critical and confidential data in the private cloud, while less commercially sensitive data is placed in the public cloud, thereby safeguarding company property and upholding cost-effectiveness.

Cybersecurity: As demand for hybrid working solutions increases, cybersecurity is an inevitable integrated consideration to ensure network performance, as well as for secure and reliable data access. Ricoh’s “Cyber Security Services” can protect organizations from the most imminent endpoint threats, such as phishing or malware (including impersonation and Business Email Compromise, (BEC)), and providing complete email protection. Ricoh’s one-stop Managed IT Services cover four areas: Monitoring, Maintenance, Support and Review, comprehensively maintaining the computer systems used by employees to ensure normal business operations. Its Security Operations Center even provides 24/7 security event monitoring, supported by a team of security specialists, who are working constantly to proactively identify and resolve any security issues which may arise through use of the business system.

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Established in 1963, Ricoh (Hong Kong) Co., ltd. focuses on digital services and office solutions. Entering the era of digital transformation, Ricoh’s Four Areas of Expertise includes Hybrid Workplace, Digital Workflow & Automation, Cloud & IT Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity. Ricoh has been actively advocating corporate evolution in recent years, accompanied by digital services and four customer values: Simplifying Complexity, Uncovering Hidden Opportunities, Overcoming Obstacles, and Embracing Diversity, bringing people and technology together, so companies can focus on forward.

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