MEM and the Carbon Trust Promote Energy Efficiency As Campaign in Laos


The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and the Carbon Trust, an international climate consultancy, have joined forces to raise awareness of energy efficiency and share expertise to accelerate the Laos’s transition to resilient and low carbon energy.  

The two parties today announced their partnership and the launch of the Lao energy efficiency campaign “Stop Wasting Money – Save Energy.”

Supported by the UK aid-funded ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Program (LCEP), the Lao energy efficiency campaign is being implemented by the Carbon Trust together with MEM’s Department of Energy Efficiency Promotion (DEEP), Gender Development Association (GDA), National University of Laos (NUOL), InsideLao and Lao Youth Radio FM.

Mr. Chantho Milattanapheng, Director General of Department of Energy Efficiency and Promotion, said: “In light of the changing global economy, promoting good energy saving habits among the Laotians is one of the key pillars of Lao P.D.R government while the Ministry of Energy and Mines is carrying out the EE action plan by 2025.

In order to reduce the importation of gasoline the government has also imposed a policy to promote the use of electric car and to encourage energy saving behaviors. This collaboration with Carbon Trust will have significant results for Lao people along with long-term energy efficiency benefits.”

“We are delighted to work closely with the Department of Energy Efficiency Promotion and other key partners in Lao PDR to build a good understanding of the benefits of energy efficiency among households and businesses.

By embracing simple energy-saving habits, anyone can save costs and contribute to a cleaner environment for future generations,” said Chris Stephens, Director of Asia and Africa at the Carbon Trust.

Starting this July, media partners InsideLao and Lao Youth Radio FM will be sharing easy-to-understand energy saving tips and information using Facebook.

The educational posts will aim to explain what energy efficiency means and the benefits, and practical ways to smartly use energy – from setting the right aircon temperature, setting computer screens to energy saving mode, shutting devices and appliances down when not in use; to selecting energy efficient equipment.

Out-of-home advertising is another key feature of the Lao energy efficiency campaign. This consists of a public service announcement (PSA) billboard along the busy concenter roundabout in downtown Vientiane, complemented by consumer education through marketing standees strategically placed at 20 popular cafes and restaurants around the city.

In partnership with GDA and NUOL, DEEP and the Carbon Trust will also organize an an energy efficiency webinar which will primarily target women. Findings from focus group discussion (FGD) interviews with target audience groups that were run to help inform the campaign revealed that women strongly influence energy-consciousness in the home as well as the office, and their role in promoting energy efficiency in Laos is crucial.