Famous Xeno Grilled Chicken To Be Labeled and Packaged

Grilled chicken venders in Xeno district to label and develop proper packaging.

Xeno grilled chicken vendors, a Savannakhet favorite, will be required to follow health and safety regulations regarding labeling and packaging the product for consumers.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Commerce, as well as Outhoumphone District Deputy Governor, Mr. Khamphong Soulignet and other officials in Savannakhet, discussed the creation of labels and packaging materials for Xeno Grilled Chicken products.

By recognizing Xeno grilled chicken as hygienic and unique, the department intends to support the small-medium sized business (SMEs) involved in its production and to promote the business of grilled chicken in Xeno district and beyond.

The Association of Xeno Grilled Chicken announced the establishment of the group in 2016, the same year the chicken first arrived in Vientiane. That year there were only 36 members. Now there are 66 shops, 15 of which have been certified as a national product.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Xayadet Phuiyavong called on vendors to jointly promote, improve, and build the strength of the association, especially by maintaining the cleanliness of service facilities.

Xeno grilled chicken is cooked on a grill with hot coals underneath and typically served with hot sticky rice and a sweet and sour, spicy sauce.