Luang Prabang To Manage Almsgiving Rice Vendors

Locals and tourists alike participate in the morning almsgiving ceremony in Luang Prabang (Evensong Film)

On 25 July officials in Luang Prabang discussed managing rice vendors who pester visitors to purchase their sticky rice for almsgiving.

The discussion meeting was attended by the Head of the Administrative Office of the Department of Tourism, Mr. Wanadet Phongsouthi, and by an official from the Chomphet District Office of Tourism, as well as other officials.

The department recommended that data be collected on the total number of vendors selling rice, the total number of licensed almsgiving rice vendors, and information on the children who collect alms rice.

It was decided at the meeting that rice vendors should be allowed to sit at places where almsgivers run out of rice, and buyers should be given the choice to purchase rice willingly, but vendors should not go to where tourists are sitting and interfere.

As for the sales of other things (like flowers, khao lam, khai phan, and sweets), it was decided that the Department of Industry and Commerce should designate a place for these sales and issue sales permits to ensure food safety.

Vendors who fail to follow the decision will be fined between LAK 500,000 and LAK 1,000,000.