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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Russian Orthodox Church to be Opened in Yangon, Myanmar 

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On Wednesday, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry announced plans to “create a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church of Exarchate of Southeast Asia in Yangon.”

State-run Russian media outlet TASS reports that plans are moving forward to open a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in Yangon, Myanmar. 

Lao Post reports that Russia supports the military government of Myanmar, which seized power in a coup last year. 

Russia and Myanmar have recently made plans to cooperate on the development of nuclear energy in Myanmar, and have also agreed to deepen defense ties

The Russian Foreign Minister also said in the statement that the two countries will be strengthening humanitarian and educational relationships. 

Both countries are increasingly isolated by the rest of the world as the Russian conflict with Ukraine continues and as Myanmar receives criticism for the actions of its junta government, including for the recent execution of prisoners. 

ASEAN Chair Hun Sen said at the 55th ASEAN foreign minister’s meeting that “If more prisoners are to be executed, we will be forced to rethink about our role vis à vis ASEAN’s Five-point Consensus.”

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