Chinese National Commits Suicide on Laos-China Railway

A Chinese national committed suicide on the Laos-China Railway.

A Chinese national was killed by a Vientiane-Boten freight train on the Laos-China Railway on 3 August in Naxaythong District.

Lao Public Security Television reports that Laos-China railway police discovered a body on the railway, which was later identified as a 48-year-old Chinese man who is believed to have committed suicide.

The tragedy highlights the need for improved access to mental health services in Laos.

Prior to his suicide on the Laos-China Railway, the man entered Laos and worked for a construction company from 2021.

The Head of Naxaythong Police headquarters, Lieutenant Colonel Bounmee Kunthiyavong, said during an interview that the man had talked to his younger brother for several hours and then quit his company before committing suicide.

The Chinese man’s brother told police that the man had arguments with his family before heading for the railway.

Lieutenant Colonel Bounmee Kunthiyavong called on the residents in Naxaythong District to refrain from entering the railway or allowing animals into the railway areas.

According to the Lao Law on Rail, the railway strictly prohibits crossing the railway line or climbing fences and barriers around the railway.