Herbal Pharm Expands Range Of Lifestyle Products With Launch Of Highest-Quality Grade Manuka Honey And Pure Honeycomb In Singapore


With the launch of their highest-grade Manuka Honey, MGO800+, and fresh honeycomb from New Zealand, Herbal Pharm has positioned itself as a market leader in supplements and premium lifestyle products.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 15 August 2022 – Having noticed the lack of authentic premium quality honey within the country, Singapore-based brand Herbal Pharm has introduced its premium range of Manuka Honey for the Singapore market, making it available at both retail stores and online. Aside from the common strength of MGO 50+, Herbal Pharm also offers MGO100+, 300+ and 500+ with higher therapeutic benefits, as well as the highest grade available on the island – Manuka Honey MGO800+. All five different strengths of Manuka Honey are packaged in 250g jars.

Containing 100% pure Manuka honey directly from New Zealand, each jar boasts a signature smoothness and richness in taste that is second to none, while the MGO 500+ and MGO800+ Manuka Honey provide consumers with stronger immune benefits and only the best therapeutic benefits for their health.

In addition to the Manuka Honey line, Herbal Pharm also launched a new product to the consumers in Singapore – pure honeycomb product flown directly from New Zealand, freshly cut and unprocessed.

Carefully Sourced With Your Health In Mind

Customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Herbal Pharm’s range of natural honey is true-to-label, having consistently passed every marketplace audit. The Methylglyoxal (MGO) designation and rating is a highly sought-after and well-respected trademark. MGO is the organic compound responsible for Manuka Honey’s strong antibacterial properties. The higher the MGO rating, the stronger the level of antibacterial properties. All MGO licence holders must go through audits to meet stringent standards in production, manufacturing, sampling, and handling. As part of the testing process, every batch of honey must undergo a series of additional checks to ensure ultimate authenticity, quality, and safety.

Herbal Pharm’s line of Manuka Honey is made using 100% natural honey, without artificial sweeteners or sugars, to give their consumers pure and healthy goodness with every spoonful. As a trusted brand in Singapore, the company also chooses sustainable and reliable suppliers to ensure the quality of every jar of honey and fresh honeycomb. As such, the MGO value of all Herbal Pharm Manuka Honey has been awarded by certified laboratories only.

With numerous scientific studies proving its unique antimicrobial and nutritional properties, it is no wonder that people are praising Manuka Honey as a ‘superfood’. Besides boosting immunity, Manuka Honey boasts benefits like:

  • Aiding in skin conditions
  • Offer relief from sore throat
  • Treating minor wounds and burns
  • Supporting digestive health
  • Releasing of melatonin within the body to promote a good night’s rest

Herbal Pharm’s Commitment To Their Customers

Since 2004, Herbal Pharm has been working hard to bring customers quality health and personal care products. Herbal Pharm was founded by Mr Vejaiyan, a health and fitness enthusiast who saw a need for quality products that could be trusted. Herbal Pharm products are manufactured in a cGMP facility to meet stringent guidelines for “Current Good Manufacturing Practices,” with only the finest and purest ingredients used in the formulation. This ensures Herbal Pharm products are of the utmost quality and true-to-label.

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About Herbal Pharm

Since starting out 18 years ago, Herbal Pharm’s main mission is to deliver premium quality products and all-natural nutritional supplements. The company spares no resources to procure natural ingredients from the world over to formulate their array of products. For more information, visit