Bokeo Police Seize Over 6 Million Amphetamine Pills

The suspected amphetamine traffickers under arrest.

Two amphetamine traffickers were apprehended by police, who seized more than six million amphetamine pills from the couple in Ton Pheung District.

Lao Security News reports that police in Ton Pheung District discovered that the two drug dealers had transported the amphetamine into the district from the north province of Myanmar.

Bokeo Police cooperated with police from the Laos-China border to track the substances in order to prevent illegal trafficking of the drugs.

A 45-year-old , Phon Southavong, and a 43-year-old, Mone Sothavong, both suspected  amphetamine traffickers, rode by motorcycle into the village where police made the arrest.

The police searched the couple’s house and seized over 6 million amphetamine pills, weighing 733 kilograms, as well as one kilogram of crystal amphetamine and three vehicles.

Valuable and assets connected to trafficking were seized by the police.

Other valuable assets were also seized, including LAK 80 million, THB 4 million, and CNY 10,000.

The police and authorities are investigating the network of drug traffickers in which the couple are involved.