Husband Kills Wife in Luang Nam Tha Shooting


A 56-year-old husband shot and killed his wife at an up-land rice field hut in Kuisoung Village, Lae District, Luang Nam Tha Province, on 29 July.

The Lao Security News reported that the husband and wife had a serious argument prior to the murder.

Village group security head lieutenant Naemthong Phonemany said, “Mr. Jakor, who is at the age of fifty-six, used a ‘Puen Kaep’ or Lao hand-made gun to kill his 38-year-old wife Nady.”

Lieutenant Naemthong pointed out that the argument, which ended in Jakor killing his wife, began because he stole money from his own house then spent it all on alcohol. His wife found this out later and got angry at him. As a result, she took her child out of the house to stay at the up-land rice field hut.

At 17:00 that same day, Jakor took the gun and went looking for his wife and daughter in the field, where he eventually found them.

The argument took a turn for the worse and the couple swore at each other, according to an update from Lao Security News.

The wife reportedly responded to being followed by her husband by threatening to shoot him with the makeshift gun.

In response, Jakor shot his wife in the stomach, killing her. He then fled the scene into the forest and hid. Police found him there two days later.

Following Jakor’s capture, the police revealed that he had a record of drug addiction and domestic disturbances.

Intimate partner violence is an issue throughout Laos, with as many as one in three Lao women experiencing violence from a partner in their lifetime. The rate of domestic violence against women and girls is believed to be even worse in some rural areas.

Women and girls who are suffering violence from a partner or family member should reach out to the Lao Women’s Union to discuss strategies for safety.