Lao Artist Reprimanded for Satirical Song

Tar Jet Hai, a comedian and artist on social media, singing his new music release.

Tar Jed Hai, a Lao musician and comedian, has been reprimanded by authorities for creating a satirical version of a traditional wedding song. 

Mr. Ta received a summons from the Xaythany Department of Information, Culture, and Tourism after the song was released on social media, leading to fans’ concern about his fate.

The song in question was a satirical version of a classic Lao wedding song, Som Lod Som Huk, about true love.

Mr. Ta’s version of the song, released on social media under the banner of Xaysavang Entertainment, changes the lyrics to tell the story of a man forced to marry a woman he does not love after an unintended pregnancy occurs.

The song has since been deleted from all online platforms at the request of the Xaythany Department of Information, Culture, and Tourism.

Following the incident, the young artist posted on his Facebook page that he is safe but would not be answering messages.

He noted, tongue firmly in cheek, that he would continue to accept work as an influencer, however, only jobs that would not result in a summons from authorities.