Asian Elephant Gives Birth to New Baby in Laos

A baby Asian elephant after its birth.

Mae Ping, an Asian elephant who had been pregnant for 22 months, finally gave birth to a calf at the Mekong Elephant Park in Xayaboury Province.

The baby Asian elephant was delivered early on Friday following more than 24 hours of difficult labor. Despite a difficult delivery, the baby was born healthy, weighing 80 kilograms.

The delivery of the new elephant brings hope to the future of elephant species facing the threat of extinction.

During labor, officials at the Mekong Elephant Park monitored Mae Ping’s journey with the new baby to ensure their safety.

The mother elephant and her baby spend a night together for the first time (Photo: Mekong Elephant Park).

According to the Mekong Elephant Park’s elephant delivery facts video, elephants usually give birth at night in an undisturbed environment. Within twenty minutes of the birth, the calf is usually able to stand.

Recently, the Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife also successfully bred the endangered Indotestudo elongata tortoise for the first time in captivity after a years long effort to breed the species.