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Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia) Launches MILESTONE®Food for your Genes in Singapore

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 5 September 2022 – Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia), a provider of innovative health solutions, has launched MILESTONE®Food for your Genes in Singapore. With the entry of biofunctional foods, Of Dreams and Knowledge (Asia) hopes to kickstart a new wave in functional health with MILESTONE®Food for your Genes.


Biofunctional foods have the potential to adapt to an individual’s set of genes and allow the “expression” of possibilities encoded in one’s DNA. In terms of health, these functional foods can have the transformative ability to accelerate positive health impact when preventing chronic health conditions and dealing with a multitude of health concerns.

The Future of Health Innovation

The current world and socioeconomic climate is seeing more and more people face rapid nutrient decline in everyday foods, as well as an over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and health supplements. Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia) aims to overturn this trend by spearheading innovations in functional health with the launch of MILESTONE®Food for your Genes in Singapore.

The range has 6 medical-grade liquid functional food formulas. Each formula is produced under zero oxygen conditions with high bioavailability and contains polyphenols and bioactive compounds that are known to be nature’s most potent antioxidants. Originating from Greece, the company is closely involved in the entire production process from farm to bottles and from the soil to every drop.

Of Dreams and Knowledge specialises in creating innovative and unique solutions — Foods for Immune with Vegan Vitamin D3, Foods for Inflammation with Liquid Curcumin, Foods for Brain and Heart with Vegan Omega 3s, Foods for Mood and Energy with Vegan Vitamin B12, Foods for Antioxidative Stress with Omega 3(ALA), 6, 9 and Foods for Pregnant Women and Kids with Vegan Calcium, Potassium and Iron.

These biofunctional food solutions are poised to positively impact the lives of Singaporeans and people around Asia. The functional food formulas are the head start of a continuous and inventive process as the world continues to evolve, with Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia) striving to provide only the most holistic and sustainable form of nutrition.

“MILESTONE®Food for your Genes has been created to make vegan and plant-based functional nutrition accessible to people from all age groups and walks of life”, shared Darren Jerome Low, General Manager at Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia). “We endeavour to shift people’s mindset of addressing health problems with drugs and supplements as these suppress specific bodily functions to treat symptoms. For us, addressing a specific part cannot take place at the expense of the body’s other key processes. Every organ, every system, and every pathway must move in tandem to achieve the most holistic outcome in order to trigger the body’s restorative and self-healing capabilities. This is where we come in with functional foods that provide the most sterling results. They simply look at the human body in its entirety.”

Sustainable Biofunctional Foods For A Healthier You and A Healthier Planet

With the intent to produce biofunctional foods that meet quality and function, the company gives top priority to protecting and preserving the biodiversity of the environment. Through efforts like supporting wildlife and organic farming practices that avoid the use of chemical and synthetic fertilisers at all costs, Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia) yields the purest ingredients that are lauded as Mother Nature’s gifts.

As an innovative health solutions provider with a preventative nutrition purpose, Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia) is established in Singapore to create awareness and bring Asia closer to what functional nutrition can offer. The functional food formulas are set to help people tackle many forms of illnesses and ailments, fight against virulent bacteria and viruses, achieve optimal balance mentally and physically as well as slow down the aging process.

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About Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia):

Based in Singapore, Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia) is set up to create awareness and bring the whole of Asia closer to MILESTONE®Food for your Genes natural liquid functional foods harnessed from Greek nature, with key ingredients derived from value-added natural products and medicinal plants. Helmed by General Manager, Mr. Darren Jerome Low, Of Dreams & Knowledge (Asia) offers personal consultations, workshops and talks to empower people with various needs and walks of life about MILESTONE®Food for your Genes biofunctional foods. For more information on MILESTONE®Food for your Genes, visit

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