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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Laos Government Allows Foreign Legal Businesses to Survey Land

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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has issued a Decision allowing foreign land businesses to provide land survey and land evaluation services.

A recent announcement from the ministry states that the Decision applies to individuals, legal entities, and organizations being operated in Laos by foreigners, stateless persons, and foreign-Lao nationals.

Lao nationals can conduct land use rights business, land surveying services, land price evaluation, and other land-related services as specified in the Land Law.

While foreigners, stateless persons, and foreigners with Lao ethnicity who have received the necessary permits, can conduct business related to surveying, measurement, and land evaluation services.

Under the conditions, operators must have relevant work experience for three years or more, verification of actual work performance, or hold a diploma in a specialized field related to land work.

Foreign businesses also need to register a deposit account with a commercial bank or a state-owned bank with headquarters in Laos.

Businesses with surveying services must provide standard surveying equipment, as well as a suitable office location and supporting materials, for land-related business operations.

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