Shin Kong Financial Holdings selects DataRobot’s AI Cloud Platform to implement its AI and Data democratization strategies & drive digital transformation goals

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 12 September 2022 – As the wave of new digital technologies continues to sweep the world, Taiwanese financial industry players have embarked on the road of digital transformation. This includes the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) which is intended to give enterprises a data-driven competitive edge.

AI Cloud leader DataRobot announced a collaboration with Shin Kong Financial Holdings today (09/12). Through DataRobot’s AI Cloud Platform and its end-to-end AI and machine learning technology, the collaboration aims at strengthening Shin Kong Financial Group’s AI modeling capabilities through implementation of AI and data democratization strategies for leveraging data science at scale to accelerate digital transformation goals.

DataRobot is one of the most widely deployed AI platforms in the market today, and has provided enterprises with more than 1.4 trillion predictions cumulatively. With DataRobot’s rich automation features which extend to model risk management and model validation, Shin Kong Financial Holdings plans to alleviate tedious and repetitive tasks from the data technology teams, who will in turn, focus on the design and development of innovative products and services.

Shin Kong Financial Holdings will use DataRobot to build, deploy and monitor AI models, to achieve data-driven goals which include:

  • Optimizing existing digital services and improving customer digital experience;
  • Providing accurate and customized recommendations and services by predicting the demand for digital financial products;
  • Implementing AI Citizenship and Data Citizenship.

Sean Race, Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific, DataRobot, said: “Shin Kong Financial Holdings is one of Asia’s leading financial services organizations. It is our pleasure, and an honour, to cooperate with them to enable AI transformation through building highly sophisticated machine learning models and rapidly deploying automated machine learning technology to drive data-driven operations, product and service decisions.”

DataRobot will support continuous innovation at Shin Kong Financial Holdings and realize the vision of value-based finance through the following methods:

  • Provide a unified AI Cloud platform, allowing users to quickly experiment, execute and deploy AI-model projects;
  • Accelerate the time-to-market of innovative services enabled by AI, such as to assist Shin Kong Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries to better analyze target customers, market segments and new product positioning, and identify the best cross-selling opportunities.

DataRobot’s AI Cloud Platform can handle a large variety of data types, promotes enhanced collaboration amongst various user personas and facilitates continuous optimization of AI ​​models across the AI lifecycle.The DataRobot AI Cloud Platform can be deployed in the cloud or in an on-premises data centre, providing a high degree of risk management through robust security management and controls.

Zhang Weixiong, Senior Associate of Digital Technology Development at Shin Kong Financial Holdings, said: “The emergence of automated machine learning (AutoML) has broken through the limitations of applying machine learning at scale. With the automated model training process, DataRobot combines hyper-automation and data citizenship. These two characteristics effectively help data scientists and practitioners focus on high value business analysis to clarify and solve key problems.”

Zhang Weixiong further explained that AutoML is the first step in the journey towards AI and data citizenship. While Data scientists used to spend a lot of time on manual tasks such as coding, DataRobot now completes model building with a simple point-and-click method. The platform adopts an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface which reduces the barrier of entry and learning curve for data citizens to get started – thereby improving the efficiency of cross-team collaboration and communication. Furthermore, extensive automation of the end-to-end model building, validation, deployment and management processes drastically reduces the development time of AI models.

William Su, CEO of Perform Global Inc (PGi), said: “We were the first partner of DataRobot in Taiwan. During the four consecutive years of cooperation, we saw how DataRobot became the first choice for major enterprises in Taiwan to accelerate the road to AI. As DataRobot’s Enterprise AI Cloud serves the needs of both beginners and advanced users, DataRobot can meet the diverse needs of different Taiwanese enterprises at their different stages of AI maturity. I am very happy to work with DataRobot to empower Shin Kong Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries internally and externally with AI – implementing new AI operations and activating data monetization opportunities through the easiest and most effective way.”

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