Police Officer Dies After Gunshot by Drug Dealer in Houaphanh

Injured police officer at the hospital after being shot by a drug dealer in Houaphanh

A drug dealer has shot and killed a police officer in Samneua District while he was attempting to arrest members of a drug network.

Lao Security News reports that Samneua District Police Headquarters recently ordered a raid on drug traffickers in the district.

Early Wednesday morning, Samneua District police and local police learned that drug traffickers in the area were in possession of firearms.

When the police started to track the drug dealers in one neighborhood, they noticed a man holding a gun and walking among students at a local school.

One police officer tried to rush forward and stop the drug dealer from disappearing among school students when the latter shot the officer from a distance of three meters and fled the scene.

The officer was seriously wounded and hospitalized at Houaphanh Hospital, where he finally succumbed to his injuries.

Houaphanh Police Headquarters is now investigating the scene of the incident and collecting information about the drug trafficking network to make future arrests.

The country’s growing drug problem was declared a national agenda in May 2021.