Despite Decreasing Covid Cases, Health Experts Ask People to Remain Cautious

Authorities urges people to get vaccinated | Photo by: UNICEF Laos

The Hygiene and Health Promotion Department of the Ministry of Health has urged people to keep complying with Covid-19 regulations despite very few cases being reported on a daily basis. 

On Monday, the department’s Director General, Dr. Phonepaseuth Ounaphom, said that the virus has not disappeared and people should follow Covid-appropriate behavior, especially in public places. He believes that a considerable number of people either opt to not get tested or even if they test positive tend not to report the result to the official health authorities.

Hence although four cases were reported on October 3, the actual number of infected individuals remains unclear.

Infections are also decreasing as people have gained immunity after either contracting the virus or receiving vaccines. Vaccination also helps in preventing serious illness so that most people can recover at home instead of going to the hospital. Considering the efficacy of vaccines, Dr. Phonepaseuth requested everyone, especially senior citizens and people with chronic health condition, to get vaccinated, so that they do not develop serious symptoms if they get Covid.

Laos has reported 215, 880 cases and 665 deaths from the virus so far. Records also show that 80.9 percent of people have had the first dose of the vaccine, whereas 71.1 percent of people had both the doses.

In view of decreasing cases, Thailand has already lifted major COVID rules to attract tourists. People no longer have to carry proof of vaccination or Covid-19 negative result (for unvaccinated passengers) from 1 October, and those who have contacted the virus will only be required to wear a mask and distance themselves from others instead of completely isolating themselves for a certain period of time.

Cambodia has also lifted all its Covid-19 restrictions for in bound passengers 3 October onwards.