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ECOVACS ROBOTICS Launches AI-enabled Intelligent Robotic Floor Cleaner DEEBOT T10 OMNI with 8-in-1 OMNI Station, providing One-for-All Cleaning Solution

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ECOVACS brings the OMNI station from the flagship series to DEEBOT T10 OMNI, allowing the new DEEBOT to automate floor cleaning without human intervention.

HANOI, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – 10 October 2022 – ECOVACS ROBOTICS (“ECOVACS”), the world’s leading service robotics brand, launched DEEBOT T10 OMNI, a new member of its AI-powered robotic vacuum cleaner series, the DEEBOT T10 Family. DEEBOT T10 OMNI comes with the industry’s first all-in-one base station, OMNI Station, which combines function and design and delivers unprecedented convenience to users. The addition of OZMO™ Turbo 2.0 Mopping System’s unparalleled cleaning capability further enhances the robotic vacuum cleaner’s already advanced features like AIVI 3.0 Upgraded AI-based Object Recognition and Avoidance technology. DEEBOT T10 OMNI’s cutting-edge features and capabilities provides modern households several unique advantages. In addition, the human-bot interaction with YIKO Voice Assistant makes the DEEBOT T10 OMNI everyone’s intelligent butler.

Unique “8-in-1” OMNI station and more powerful cleaning functions bring unparalleled convenience and benefits to users.

The DEEBOT T10 OMNI can independently manage the entire floor cleaning process. Beyond sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, the latest model can wash and dry the mopping pads and collect more dust using the new base station. These functionalities make the DEEBOT T10 OMNI an all-in-one robotic vacuum cleaner that frees users from housekeeping chores.

The OMNI Station is also the world’s first to integrate automated dust collection, mop cleaning, water refilling, and hot air drying. In addition, the OMNI Station has a 4L water tank that separates clean and wastewater. It automatically collects the wastewater after cleaning the mopping pad and refilling the water tanks of the DEEBOT T10 OMNI model with clean water.

Like other members of the DEEBOT T10 Family, DEEBOT T10 OMNI has many advanced technologies and features that bring an advanced cleaning experience to users. These include:

  • Enhanced AI with AIVI 3.0: The DEEBOT T10 OMNI comes with AIVI 3.0. This enhanced AI capability improves object single-frame recognition accuracy by 20% and the object single-frame recognition speed by 20 times. With a 960P astrophotography camera that widens the Field of View (FOV) to 148.3°, DEEBOT T10 OMNI identifies common ground obstacles faster and avoids them more efficiently. The robotic vacuum cleaner not only recognizes different types of floor obstacles, furniture, and floor materials, also it now equips with Granular Particle Recognition for an even smarter cleaning. In addition, it comes with a TÜV Rheinland privacy and safety certificate for software and hardware. DEEBOT T10 OMNI can clean different types of surfaces and carpets. The AIVI 3.0 technology and ultrasonic sensors help the robotic vacuum cleaner recognize different carpet types. When cleaning carpets (only available in standard mode), the DEEBOT T10 OMNI automatically changes pressure and avoids carpets when mopping. The anti-drop sensors keep the cleaner from falling over stairs and thresholds. The real-time video and communication feature enables users to monitor their homes and also communicate with other family members.
  • Intelligent YIKO Voice Assistant: DEEBOT T10 OMNI features YIKO Voice Assistant, the industry’s first built-in natural language interactive assistant for home service robots. It combines several AI-based voice interaction technologies, including voice semantics from Google, to improve the accuracy and response times. Users can use their voices to engage, command, and interact with the DEEBOT T10. Three well-placed mics allow users to activate the DEEBOT by saying, “OK, YIKO.” In addition, “OK YIKO, quick map building” enables users to build a complete cleaning map. YIKO AI voice assistant transforms the user experience, turning the DEEBOT T10 from a brilliant cleaning tool to a holistic home service robot.
  • Excellent TrueMapping 2.0 with ECOVACS HOME App Experience: DEEBOT T10 OMNI’s TrueMapping 2.0 uses onboard dToF sensors for more accurate positioning. It also allows users to save 2D and 3D maps in the intuitive ECOVACS HOME App on their mobile devices. Users can switch from 2D to 3D maps for a more detailed view of their home. By learning and understanding the home environment, the maps can accurately identify home structure, furniture, and ground materials. Users can also improve cleaning efficiency around and under the furniture using the 3D map.
  • Powerful 4-Stage Cleaning System Delivering 95% Cleaning Efficiency: The Dual Side Brushes cover every inch of the house and quickly collect the ground dust with a strong 5,000 pa suction power. The floating main brush keeps the unit closer to the floor without damaging the floor. The overall design allows the robotic vacuum cleaner to adapt to different floor types during deep cleaning. In addition, The OZMO™ TURBO 2.0 Oscillating Mopping System rotates 180 rpm to remove all kinds of stubborn floor stains. It is ideal for dusty environments, removing pet hair, or those allergic to dust. With these powerful cleaning technologies, DEEBOT T10 delivers 95% cleaning efficiency, passing the gold standard of industry testing parameters.

Pricing and Availability

DEEBOT T10 OMNI is available today at the ECOVACS Official Store exclusively on https://gigadigital.vn/.The suggested retail price of DEEBOT T10 OMNI is 18.900.000. Please visit ecovacs.com for more information or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.



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