Scared of His Family, Man Lies About Being Robbed

A man lied about getting attacked by robbers while driving

A man was found to have lied to his family about being beaten up by two robbers who stole his belongings on 7 October.

A man told his wife and family on his way home from the hospital on 7 October that he had been assaulted while driving the day before in Vientiane’s Naxaythong district. He alleged that two thieves gave him an electric shock, knocked him unconscious with a hammer, and stole all of his belongings. His friends also spoke about his ordeal on social media, after which it went viral.

Naxaythong’s police investigated the crime scene on 7 October, which revealed that the incident was merely a road accident and not a criminal assault and that the alleged victim was having a few drinks and hanging out with his friends when he lost a substantial amount of cash that he was carrying. He fabricated a story out of fear so that he wasn’t scolded by his family.

According to the so-called victim’s police testimony, he drove out in a white Mazda to go for a drink with his friends in Vientiane’s Xaythany province. Around 10:30 pm, he couldn’t find the LAK 2 million (About USD 119) and THB 11000 (Roughly USD 290) in his pocket, and neither could his pals. At 11 pm, while driving home, his eyes were blinded by a high beam from a motorcycle, causing his car to swerve and crash on the side of the road.

He also stated that as he got out of the car, he discovered that it was substantially damaged, so he attempted to call his wife, but his phone’s battery had died. He fell asleep and woke up at 4 am the next morning in the hospital.

The incident sparked widespread anxiety among residents about being robbed, particularly among people who travel on the route where the incident is believed to have occurred. After discovering that the man was not truthful about the incident, authorities have warned people to not fabricate stories or report fake information.