Hong Kong Start-up company Polarchain Biotechnology discovered Brown Algae • Liver Guard  Improve the liver problems of the urbanites

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 24 October 2022 – The urbanites always stay up late and eat irregularly, they are also unaware if their liver has some illness. There are around a quarter of Hong Kong citizens suffer from fatty liver disease, which may lead to cirrhosis, or even liver cancer when the condition becomes severe. We need to tackle the problem at its roots, the fucoxanthin of the microalgae has been authenticated to improve liver health effectively. Dr. Chan Hing, the technical director of MAE has been doing long-time research for these years, discovering Brown Algae • Liver Guard finally.


Over 20 years of scientific research achievement, the visibility effect shows the benefits of Microalgae

Chan was graduated from The University of Hong Kong in 1995, he started studying microalgae since over 20 years ago, and found that it contains rich nutrients. However, microalgae were not widely used at that time, and since there is less fucoxanthin in microalgae, the cost to extract the fucoxanthin was high. Currently, there are only a handful of companies from Israel, France, and Hong Kong that can perform mass-produce of fucoxanthin from microalgae and make it into liver-healthy products.

Kevin Cheng, the nutritionist of MAE, said that the antioxidant effect of fucoxanthin is stronger than vitamin C, which can activate uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) and advance the decomposition of fats, years of experiments also prove that fucoxanthin can improve liver conditions effectively. The results of the alcoholic liver, and choline-deficient L-amino acid-defined high-fat diet (CDAHFD) experiments, show that after eating the fucoxanthin, the liver fat and cholesterol have decreased.

Chan conducted many years of scientific research based on his scientific spirit, he invited more than 10 groups of volunteers to consume the Brown Algae • Liver Guard, and 90% of them showed a reduction in their liver fat value. One of the volunteers took it for 2 months, and the liver stiffness was decreased from 6.9, the over-standard, to 5.5, the standard of liver stiffness; the liver fat also decreased from 345 to 334.

The visibility effect of Brown Algae • Liver Guard proves that it can improve the liver problems. Chan hopes to have more effect of the product on consumers through more clinical studies, instead of inviting some famous artist to promote the product.

The challenging growth conditions of microalgae, protect the environment while cultivating it

It is not easy to extract the microalgae, and the cultivating conditions are also difficult. Cheng points out that the microalgae cannot be seen without a microscope, which makes it impossible to collect a large number of microalgae in the ocean. Microalgae need less polluted, low microbial, and low-temperature environments to grow up.

The process of artificial cultivation is difficult, Cheng said that MAE has overcome the barrier of the techniques involved, and cultivated high-quality microalgae successfully in the laboratory, it also avoids the ocean pollution that may affect the quality of microalgae like heavy metal and plastic particles. In addition, to simulate the best growth environment for microalgae, the insolation duration was set as “12hr for light, 12hr for dark”, the color of the insolation light was chosen by the plant spectrum.

Cultivating microalgae can also reduce carbon emissions. Chan mentioned that the operation of the factory combusts lots of petroleum, which will lead to the greenhouse effect. The microalgae can adsorb the carbon dioxide in the air for photosynthesis and are environmentally friendly while also producing the product.

100% made in Hong Kong, insist to invent even in a low profit

The process of cultivating the microalgae, disinfection, wall breaking, extracting the fucoxanthin, and conducting safety test at the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology under the Chinese University of Hong Kong, will be finished in Hong Kong. Don W.Y.Lo, the product development manager, said that the MAE team has a three-years collaboration with the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology, then publish Brown Algae • Liver Guard, stating that they only get minimal profit since MAE was established in 2018.

They aim to maintain the survival of the team, invent new products in the future, and conduct various tests on the constituents extracted from microalgae, including an in-depth test to fight for cancer cells.

A multi-functions product focused on protecting the liver, and the obvious effects after two months

There are various benefits of Brown Algae • Liver Guard for humans. However, MAE only focuses on the market of liver-healthy products, they hope to become the top product in this market, but not an average product with multiple benefits. Cheng pointed out that the liver functions will start improving after taking the product for two months, but he suggested finishing treatment by taking the Brown Algae • Liver Guard for half-year every day. Patients can change the dosage of it after a half-year treatment as per their circumstances.

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About MAE

Polarchain Biotechnology Ltd. (MAE), is a science-based company in Hong Kong that focuses on R&D and the cultivation of precious microalgae, with a team of over 20 years of practical experience, MAE’s foundation team is one of the pioneers in Hong Kong. Furthermore, MAE received a grant from the Innovation and Technology Fund, of the Innovation and Technology Commission of The Government of the HKSAR, for the research and development project of the extraction and purification of fucoxanthin.

MAE selected microalgae, the first layer of the marine food chain, which is the most primitive, purest, natural, and pollution-free plant, then extract the precious fucoxanthin, produce the Brown Algae • Liver Guard, to fight for fatty liver, and thus to tackle the problem at its roots.

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